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    CP 2020-21 Registration

    Central Park Registration Hours: 10AM-12PM Monday-Thursday. We will stop promptly at 12:00 and pick up where we left off on the list the next day.

    Central Park 2020-21 Registration Packet

    Central Park Tour 1/14 9-10AM ADULTS ONLY


    Important: If your child is absent, call or email the attendance clerk with the "reason" for the absent. Failure to inform the attendance clerk within 72 hours will result in the absence considered "unexcused."

    Email Attendance Clerk at: cpattendance@scusd.net or call 408-423-4411.

    See Board Policy for details regarding excused and unexcused absences.

    New Web Site

    The new Central Park Elementary web site is responsive to mobile devices and accessible to individuals with disabilities. Send feedback.

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    Info & Update FROM MS. KAMSTRA


    JUNE 4TH


    (Google Drive PDF)


    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    On June 4th we will be collecting and distributing student materials.
    We will collect:
    1. Musical Instruments (recorders and music books stay with kids)
    2. Library and classroom books
    3. Book Bags
    4. Any other items children have borrowed from the school/classroom.
    Students will KEEP their Chromebooks for the summer UNLESS they are moving. If your child is moving,
    bring the Chromebook/charger back. 5th Graders will take their Chromebooks to Middle School. If
    returning a Chromebook, label it with your child’s first/last name. Remember--ONLY bring it back if you
    are moving out of the district.

    Procedures for returning items:
    1. Instruments: if the name tag has fallen off, clearly label it with the student's first/last name. (Keep
    2. Library books: Put library books in a bag with the student's first/last name.
    3. Classroom books/other classroom items: Put books in a “separate” bag from library books and label

    Procedures we will use to distribute student belongings:
    1. Teachers will put all student belongings that are still in the classroom in a paper bag.
    2. If your child ordered Spirit Wear or a Yearbook we will put those in the bag.
    3. Each grade level will be assigned a time (see below) to come to the school.
    4. Parents will drive in the parking lot and stay in their cars.
    5. Parents: It will help us if you write your child's teacher's name and child's first and last name on a large
    piece of paper/cardboard and show it to us in the window. You can use this Car Window Document or
    make your own
    6. A runner will retrieve your child's bag of belongings.
    7. Put items in your trunk for us to retrieve. We will place your child’s bag in your trunk.
    8. When you arrive, display the Car Window Document, or something like it.

    Times for pick-up:
    Please come to the school parking lot during these times (if you have children in multiple grades, pick one
    time that works for you).
    8:30-9:30am: 5th grade
    9:30-10:30am: 4th grade
    10:30-11:30am: 3rd grade
    12:30-1:30pm: 2nd grade

    1:30-2:30pm: 1st grade
    2:30-3:30pm: Kindergarten
    3:30-4:00pm: anyone who couldn't make it earlier

    1. Please stay in your car and be ready to open your trunk.
    2. Please wear a mask.
    3. Please refrain from engaging in long conversations with staff/other parents, in order to abide by social
    4. If you have a question about a certain item that might be in your child's classroom or about returning
    something, please email the teacher directly by May 31st.
    Thank you!

    Print or create a document like this to show in your car window:
    Car Window Document

    Thank you,
    Ms. Kamstra, Principal

    Posted 5/25/20


    Technical Support: If you need technical support for a district device, please reach out to the SCUSD Help Desk. 

    Help Desk Hours: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

    Email: cs@scusd.net or Text: (408) 900-6867


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    Team Chameleon

    Team Chameleon

    We nurture the development of the whole child who is then inspired to continually expand all aspects of his/her being (mind, body, heart) and is empowered to improve the world for others. We build habits of mind and ways of being that are caring, curious, reflective and visionary.

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