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Field Trips

Magic Garden

History San Jose

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Youth Science Institutestudents on a school bus

2nd Grade News

Chameleon Rules

1. Take care of yourself. 

2. Treat others nicely. 

3. Treat our environment nicely. 

4. Everyone gets to play and learn. 


Second grade students go to the library every Friday. Please make sure your child brings their library book with them to school on Fridays so that they may check out a new book.

pile of books

P.E. with Ms. Vicki and Ms. Sharon

Every Thursday, 2nd graders will be going to PE.  Wear comfortable shoes and clothes for some fun activities. It is really important for students to stay hydrated. Remind them to bring a water bottle. PE is a great opportunity for students to learn and practice teamwork. teamwork written on a chalkboard