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Field Trips

Natural Bridges- October 24th

De Anza Planetarium- November 7th

Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch- 

November 28th- Rylan's Class

December 12th- Ms. Barlow's Class

December 14th- Ms. Schultz's Class

Youth Science Institute at Alum Rock Park- March 21st

Oakland Zoo- May 30th

Santa Clara Unified Farm- in the Spring

Central Park Library and Park

Field Trip Bus

Book Bags

Practice reading every night from your book bag. They need to be brought back to school every day. Students go book shopping once a week and will be reading with the teacher in a small group and/or conferring with the teacher. Please take care of books and treat them with respect.

Reading Frog

1st Grade News


Monday, September 23rd- Friday, September 27th- Parent Teacher Conferences

Monday, October 7th- No School for Students

Wednesday, October 16th- Rylan and Ms. Barlow take their classes to Natural Bridges

Friday, October 25th- Miss Emily and Ms. Schultz take their classes to Natural Bridges

Reader's Workshop: In Reader's Workshop, our students have finished up our first bend in Reading. We completed our study of forming good habits with students thinking about the habits they used to have as readers and reflecting on the habits they have learned. This week, we start our next study of good habits, but now with solving tricky words. Students will learn strategies to solve tricky words so that when they are independently reading they have strategies to try!

look at all parts of the word

check words

Writer's Workshop: In Writer's Workshop, students are re-reading their writing and adding more details. We will be conferring with them about their writing and having them look over it for punctuation and capitalization. As students are writing, we are also spending time teaching letter formation. First grade is a time to work on how we form letters properly.

pencil and paper

Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, students continue to count forwards and backwards. Students are thinking about numbers and how they can form them. We have been discussing numbers through dot talks, number talks, calendar, and math journals. Students are increasing their math awareness and number sense through these discussions. 

Social Studies: Our first PBL is underway! We will be exploring maps, continents, and cultures. During this unit, students will be making and using maps and thinking about where their families came from. Also, we will send home some home-school- connections. These are little assignments that we encourage families to do with their children! It’s going to be so much fun!

Posted 9/15/19


Wednesday, September 4th- Dining for Dollars at Pizza My Heart

Monday, September 23rd- Friday, September 27th- Parent Teacher Conferences


Reader's Workshop: In Reader's Workshop, our 1st graders are learning about good habits. They are learning that a habit is something you just do! Students are making it a habit to take a sneak peek of their books and to reread. As they read, they are making a plan of how they are going to read their books and how many books they want to read on a daily basis. 

sneak peek of books

Writer's Workshop: In Writer's Workshop, students have been building their writing stamina. They have been writing stories about their own lives. This coming week, we will talk about personal narratives and what makes a story a personal narrative. Students will continue to write stories ebout their own lives, but with more of a focus on the entire story. They will learn that stories are composed of a beginning, a middle, and an end. 


Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, students are participating in dot talks, sharing their thinking, listening to their pair thinking, and forming a deeper understanding of mathematical practices. They continue to form strategies and assumptions when talking about math. Students are participating in counting collections. They are using their math knowledge to decide how to count their collections and how to group them. 


Take Home Book Bags: As students start to take home book, please remind them to be mindful and responsible about bringing them back each and every day. Enjoy listening to your child read. We encourage our students to read and reread their books. This helps them become stronger readers. We also encourage them to read to siblings or family members. Part of reading time can be you reading to your child. The more they see their school community and family community as readers the more they start to foster a love of reading!

book bag

Posted 9/2/19

Tuesday, August 27thBack to School Night

Monday, September 2nd- Labor Day- No School

Monday, September 23rd- Friday, September 27th- Parent Teacher Conferences

Reader's Workshop: In Reader's Workshop, our 1st graders are learning how our classroom libraries are organized. They are beginning to bookshop for books at their reading levels and books of interest. Students are building their stamina in their independent reading and are learning how to read with a buddy!

Writer's Workshop: In Writer's Workshop, students have continued to draw and write in their Writer’s Notebooks. To help students with the writing process, we have focused on how we illustrate our stories. Also, we have introduced a picture rubric. 

pencil writing

Math Workshop: This week in math we have continued to develop our community of mathematicians who share their thinking and critique the reasoning of others. We’re learning how to make sense of others thinking, disagree respectfully, and add on to others ideas. Number talks and number sense routines began this week. They are designed to help us practice our counting, think flexibly with numbers, and keep track of time.


Parent Teacher Conferences: Parent Teacher Conferences are just around the corner. Be on the lookout for more information about scheduling your conference. 

Gratitude: Thank you for supporting your children and their learning. We are all very excited to see our 1st graders grow academically, emotionally, and socially! We look forward to an amazing year. 

Posted 8/25/19

Chameleon Rules

1. Take care of yourself. 

2. Treat others nicely. 

3. Treat our environment nicely. 

4. Everyone gets to play and learn. 


First grade students go to the library every Tuesday. Please make sure your child brings their library book with them to school on Tuesdays so that they may check out a new book.


P.E. with Ms. Vicki and Ms. Sharon

Every Monday, 1st graders will be going to PE.  Wear comfortable shoes and clothes for some fun activities. It is really important for students to stay hydrated. Remind them to bring a water bottle. 

PE Kids