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Wonder League Coaches' Guide

Equipment at Home

Students are not required to have any equipment at home.


If you would like your child to have more time to explore however, these are the items they would need:


  • 1 Dash robot
  • 1 Dot robot
  • 1 Programming device (phone or tablet)
  • 2 Building Brick Connectors (comes included with a Dash robot)
  • 3 Solo cups (18oz)
  • 2 Ping Pong balls (or Launcher balls)
  • A handful of LEGO® bricks for building (no specific set required)
  • A 5ft x 8ft (150cm x 240cm) grid. You can tape down your grid or purchase one at our store.

Dash and Dot Robots may be ordered off Amazon ($279) as a bundle with accessories or individually.


Barnes & Nobles Black Friday 30% off Dash robot.


If your child wishes to prepare ahead of competition, these are the suggested paths:


What your team can do to prepare

  1. Do the Scroll Quest in Wonder app! The Wonder app is the official Wonder League Robotics Competition app, and you can get practicing right away by starting on the Scroll Quest for Dash. Download the teacher's guide for solution keys, extension questions, and a list of concepts covered in each challenge. 
  2. Watch tutorials and check out practice projects. After they've done some of the Scroll Quest, they will be ready for Robot Coding Bootcamp!
  3. Try last year's missions. Watch last year's competition video and try the missions! The detailed challenge document and solutions are in the description of the video. 

If your child does not have access to a device that can run the Wonder App, you may practice simple coding exercises with them by using code.org.

Connecting work at home to school

If your child programs on the Wonder app at home on a tablet, they may use the "share" button to upload their code to the Wonder Workshop servers. It will give them a "key".


Then at school they may download their code onto the school's iPad mini by using "Get Program" and entering the key.


To practice this exercise, follow Wonder Workshops "Using a Key" instructions.

How to Unlock Free Play in Wonder App

To start the competition, your Wonder App must have "Free Play" unlocked.


Personally I recommend you just have your child practice some of the scroll quests to unlock free play. But if you are on a new device and they already know the basics of the Wonder App, you can follow the steps below to get around it:

The teacher admin code is: 

Go to the home screen and do the 

following to reset progress in the Scroll 

Quest, remove the controller, unlock 

free play, unlock cues, and more: 

1) Press and hold on Eli’s hair

2) Tap Free Play, Inventor’s Log, and 

then Free Play again.


If your child wants to see what the inside of the robot is without taking it apart, there is an interesting presentation online at: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1v0F-nz9P-NehHC4kEH5-yRQRFo3rqzzrL_q8SyZfeuc/edit#slide=id.g17b04ce000_0_30