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Makerspace Train-the-Trainer and Creativity Club

About (In alpha testing...)

Our Makerspace Train-the-Trainer program (in alpha testing) is a weekly 2 hour program where parents who actively support the teachers in the classroom come to the makerspace to learn techniques and technology so they can better support teachers in the classroom implementation of these resources and programs. This is entirely parent volunteer run.


Our Makerspace Creativity Club (name to-be-determined) is an experimental training program for students to support teachers in the classroom integration of making and technology. 


Since we are still in early testing of this program, we are currently seeking parent volunteers who spend 5+ hours per week volunteering on campus. We are looking for students to be those of the same parents who volunteer that many hours that way each parent is responsible for their own children. The type of students we are looking for are those who are willing to give up their recess to help teachers setup equipment/supplies or cleanup equipment and supplies. We are looking for students who often volunteer to help teachers cleanup.


This program is in very early testing. Things will go wrong or get delayed so we suggest only joining if you are a resilient easy-going person. Many of the projects are delayed due to lack of equipment and funding as well.  To join, talk to the teacher who you volunteer with and have them email centralparksteam "at"


Our next session:



Completed sessions:

paper circuits

3D modeling with TinkerCAD and 3D printing

ceramic painting

gem art

squishy circuits


Upcoming sessions:

Raspberry Pi

Acrylic Painting

Piper Computer

Watercolor Painting


Hummingbird Robotics

Sphero Robotics

Parrot Mambo Drone Programming

LEGO Education WeDo 2.0

VexIQ robotics

LEGO Mindstorms EV3

Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot

Minecraft Modding

Hour of Code 


Robot STEM Mouse



MIT App Inventor

Swift Playgrounds

Microsoft Kodu

Vector Graphics (Illustrator, Inkscape)

Video Editing (iMovie, Premiere)

Photo Editing (Photoshop, GIMP)

Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Redstone (Circuits)