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First Day Flashback! (pub 8/17/16)

Reflect back on the First day of Central Park STEAM with our Founding Families and Fabulous Faculty!





Sing the Central Park STEAM Anthem with Teacher Beth Stauter




Central Park Elementary STEAM School Song

Composed by Teacher Beth Stauter

(print PDF)


Ever changing ever growing

We never stay the same.

Creativity is flowing

And learning is our game.


Our minds are on fire.

We love to work and play.

Great moments happen

At Central Park every day.


Chameleons change colors.

They can leave the past behind.

Striving for the future

With body, heart and mind.


Our hearts are expanded

We care for our whole school.

Respectful and productive

We live that golden rule.


Our passions are inspired

Lifelong learning is our aim.

We give all we have to thinking

We never stay the same.


We communicate, collaborate

Solve problems and create.

At Central Park Elementary






Revisit and reminisce the entire Welcome Assembly!

(Facebook Livestream only shows the ground when students are near Principal Kamstra or teachers.)