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This video is an example of a parent volunteer effort to try and win some computer kits for Central Park. Any fundraising assistance through grants, cash donations, goods donations, contests, fundraising events or anything else you can think of would be greatly appreciated. As a new school with very little resources especially needing equipment for STEAM, we can basically use almost everything.

If you are interested in supporting us by assisting with fundraising, please see the link and documents:

The link takes you to the cover letter. You can copy the document on Google Docs then put your own name in and the name of the business you are approaching. A huge appreciation to Tesin Dosch for crafting this letter and to Mrs. Shing for her input. 

Business Solicitation Cover Letter (Google Doc to copy and edit/customize)





Very best,

Ms. Kamstra 


Central Park STEAM


Dear Parent Volunteers,


Thank you for your interest in helping Central Park STEAM with our fundraising efforts. By becoming involved in fundraising, you play a key role in building and shaping educational opportunities for our diverse community of children.


Included are a cover letter and a donation form designed by another parent volunteer with assistance from Santa Clara Unified’s Public Relations office to help you solicit donations. In the cover letter, using Google Docs, you may replace the [bracket] items with your name and contact information before you print it out. There is also room for your signature as a point of contact. The donation form is designed to help guide you through most of the questions and necessary information that donors will ask for.


To help coordinate efficient use of time, please check the Business Solicitation Spreadsheet shared with parent fundraising volunteers to make sure no one has selected the business already. Likewise, please email parent Tesin Dosch ( with the names of the businesses you would like to be the primary contact for.


Solicitation of donations is a challenging task. Please do not become discouraged if you are turned down as it is common with non-profits to close on 10-30% of their attempts. We suggest just moving on to other potential businesses. Just getting the word out about Central Park STEAM is a victory in itself to raise awareness about our school.


Good luck and thank you again for being an active supporter of Central Park STEAM!


Miakje Kamstra


Central Park STEAM

Business Solicitation Contacts List

Before approaching a business, check to make sure another volunteer has not already approached them. If you choose to contact a business, please email so we can update the list.