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Robotics Team Shelter-In-Place & Summer
Posted 5/1/20

The 2019-20 school year Central Park STEAM Robotics Team in-person meetings have ended so our year-end award ceremony has been postponed. The 2019-20 Math Olympiad trophy ceremony is also postponed as the Math Olympiad shipping office has shutdown.


Looking forward to 2020-21... We need parent volunteers to help lead various tracks for 2020-21. Chime in on WhatsApp if you can lead a track. Remember how hectic it was when you were new so return the favor and help out other new families.


For 2020-21 team formation, social distancing may be continuing in the Fall, so families may want to consider those factors when deciding the size of teams for the 2020-21 season. The minimums in FLL, FLL Jr, VexIQ, Tech Challenge and Destination Imagination are 2 members. For Wonder League, teams can be as small as 1 member. Math Olympiad is a school team however we will form multiple teams if needed to reduce the number of students present at one time.


For our 6th and 7th grade alumni, please consider becoming a mentor either in-person or over WhatsApp supporting our teams. Mentors are greatly appreciated by both students and parents. Mentors in high school receive volunteer hour credits. Mentoring also counts towards Core Values in FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition. Central Park STEAM Robotics Team alumni mentors receive free membership plus a gift card for weekly mentoring one full competition season.


Meanwhile, here are ideas for Central Park STEAM Robotics Team members to work on during the Shelter-In-Place and over the summer:



1) Join in the Budmen Face Shield 3D printing and laser cutting project to help produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for front-line workers. We have been offered rolls of PET film to laser cut face shields. Students who have laser cutters or 3D printers at home can cut/print the parts and assemble them. Check our WhatsApp chat for the latest progress.

2) If you only have a 3D printer, you can sign up on the Maker Nexus site to contribute producing PPE parts for the template they are building.

3) Help sew masks using the Deaconess template or the Kaiser ( Facemask template.



Go through and Start researching the project theme which is something related to outdoor sports and health. For Scratch practice do the tutorials on the Scratch web site. For Python practice, we have two online classrooms setup with one that is traditional tutorial versus one that is gamified. Check our WhatsApp for the latest on setting up students. Students can also learn computer science on The FLL challenge will be released August 1, 2020 however do not wait till the last minute to register as shipping was a nightmare last year.


FIRST LEGO League Junior

Parents can help kids research the project theme which is outdoor sports and health. For practice kids can do the WeDo2 tutorials on the app. is a good place to start learning block coding. We also have a classroom for Codespark Academy which is good for grade K-G3. Check on WhatsApp to join our class. The FLL Jr. challenge will be released August 1, 2020.



The VexIQ challenge is already out. Students can start building their robots at home. VexIQ uses block coding. Students can learn coding basics on


Wonder League

The challenge will be released around October. Meanwhile, Wonder Workshop has been releasing mini-challenges for students to try. Students should also trying solving the challenges from previous years. Students can also practice coding on or CodeSpark Academy. See our WhatsApp to join our CodeSpark classroom.


Destination Imagination

The challenges will be released later but students can practice the instant challenges. There are many examples and suggestions on the internet.


Tech Challenge

The challenge will be released around November.


Math Olympiad

Students in G2-5 can complete the Beast Academy books and Beast Academy Online program. Students in G6-7 should do the AoPS Pre-Algebra and Algebra books. Students wanting to learn more advanced topics but without the Olympiad level of depth should advance in Dreambox. Students interested in deeper math practice should work in the three Math Olympiad books of previous practice problems.



For students interested in making real web pages, we have a classroom setup on JavaScript and Web Design. Exploravision accepts hand drawn web pages however, so no coding is needed. Check in our WhatsApp for the status.


FIRST Tech Challenge

For our older alumni moving on to 6th and 7th grade, the language to learn is Java. Join our online classroom for Java tutorials by checking in our WhatsApp.



For our older alumni moving on to 6th and 7th grade from VexIQ to Vex, the language to study is C++. We do not have a C++ classroom setup for Central Park STEAM Robotics Team however, if there is enough interest, we will look into it. Meanwhile, coding basics can be learned on or by joining one of our classrooms on CodeHS, CodeSpark or Code Combat.


Coding/Computer Science General

For parents who want a low student:teacher ratio class led by an instructor requiring no parental assistance, we have worked with WhizKidz Computer Center to provide Scratch, HTML/CSS and JavaScript on campus. During the shelter-in-place, WhizKidz Computer Center has moved all courses online. They have summer camp week-long courses, weekly courses as well as daily remote courses over Zoom. See the WhizKidz web site for schedules and registration.