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Police Activity in the Neighborhood
Posted 8/22/19

Hello Central Park Parents and Community,

Today (8/22/19) during kindergarten release and lunchtime, out of an abundance of caution, Santa Clara Police Department directed our school and Santa Clara High School to go into a “Shelter-in-Place” protocol while they addressed a situation in the nearby neighborhood. The incident was resolved within about 10 minutes and the shelter in place was lifted. All school activity has resumed as normal though you may see increased police presence in the neighborhood while they conclude their investigation.

Following our Shelter-in-Place protocol, we immediately had all students and adults enter a classroom, the cafeteria, or the theater.  Students, staff, and family members handled themselves admirably during this incident. School safety is always our highest priority.  If we can support you in discussing this with your child, please contact our front office so that we can connect your child with a member of our Wellness team.

We want to thank the Santa Clara Police Department for their professionalism and for staying in contact with our school and district officials throughout the situation. I also want to thank the staff who implemented the Shelter-in-Place protocol as they had been trained to do.


Miakje Kamstra