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Mission, Vision & Commitment

“We are growing students who
are curious and engaged,
who practice empathy and integrity,
and who are resilient, creative and mindful.”

Central Park Staff


We nurture the development of the whole child who is then inspired to continually expand all aspects of his/her being (mind, body, heart) and is empowered to improve the world for others. We build habits of mind and ways of being that are caring, curious, reflective and visionary.

Kids with Inspired by STEAM sign.


We use innovative systems and structures that provide a highly engaging learning environment.
These include: 
* S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)
* Project/Problem Based Learning
* Blended Learning
* Personalized Learning
* Active, Flexible Learning Environments

Staff talking about personalized learning.

Central Park Elementary Collective Commitments 


* We will plan and collaborate within and across grade levels to ensure equity of access to the curriculum.


* We will seek to be present in our practice and daily interactions.


* We will strive to keep our practice student-centered by offering personal choice, empowering students to take responsibility in their learning, and making their voices heard.


* We will know students' names, needs, strengths, interests, and families, so they feel valued and have a sense of belonging.


* We will... Let go of the old... Learn new... Commit to use.