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Emotional Climate for Learning: Joy!

"Happiness and wellbeing are not an option if we want our kids to thrive..."

- Christine Carter PhD, UC Berkeley's creator of "The Greater Good Science Center" and author of The Sweet Spot.

Starting a school day with "Joy"

Imagine a school where arriving in the morning is a joyful and festive atmosphere. Where music, dancing and social connections are celebrated interactively. Where learning is about connections.


Check out our morning walk and see Central Park teacher Ms. Jennifer Gray dancing and inspiring students and parents with a vibrant way to start the school day!


Central Park teachers rock!



How we maximize positive emotion.

- Build strong relationships with students.

- Connect students emotionally with learning.

- The infusion of visual and performing arts taps into the emotional response.

Central Park STEAM at the Young Writers' Exposition



"We have an innate need to direct our own lives, to learn to create things and to do better by ourselves and the world."

- Drive: The Surprising Truth about Motivation, Daniel Pink

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Emotional Climate for Learning: Joy


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