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Guide to Turn in Cover Crops

We need some volunteers to prep the garden beds by turning in the cover crops.  All the materials are in the garden so please feel free to do a bed at a time that works for you.  Just please remember to complete a whole bed and plan for this to take about an hour.  The compost is in the yellow and black bins and the straw in in the teaching area as you enter the garden.  Here are easy steps to follow with short video clips:


Steps to turn in cover crops:

Step 1: Use a shovel to turn over the cover crop.  

Watch the video to see how:


*Once you turn it over- d


*Once you turn it over- don't walk on it.


Step 2: Water the bed from one end to the other and repeat.  

Watch the video to see how:


Step 3: Spread the compost evenly on the bed- Don't rake it because you will pull up the cover crop we just turned in. 

Watch the video to see how:



Step 4:   Lightly water the bed from end to end one time.

Watch the video to see how. 


Step 5: Add Straw to the beds.  

Watch the video to see how:


Step 6:

Water the straw from one bed to the end and repeat. Lightly water every other day.

Watch the video to see how:



This is a picture of what it should look like after it is complete: