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George Garcia Staff

George Garcia, STEAM PBL Instructional Coach

George Garcia


I am another Bay area native. Born at the Santa Clara Kaiser and raised in Sunnyvale. This will be my tenth year teaching and third year coaching. I have always been a tech nerd but I learned early in my teaching career that I love using technology in the classroom. Thus encouraging me to pursue and complete a Master's program in Educational Technology.

Personally,  I have an amazing wife and 5 beautiful children. As you can imagine that keeps me pretty busy. When I get a little time to myself I enjoy being outside. I love going to the beach and engaging in any type of water sports. I also love gardening. I could easily spend a whole day in my garden.


Working with Central Park is especially exciting to me because this will be my second time opening a school with this type of emphasis.  About 5 years ago, I was asked to help design and open another school like this in San Jose. I stayed at the school for 4 years. In that time I was able to experience the incredible power of a school focused on inquiry, curiosity and creativity.  I also learned a lot about what I would do differently if ever given a chance. Now I find myself at CP with another chance. I am SUPER excited to be here and eager to work with all of you.