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Announcements for Parent Education nights are posted on the web site and emailed out to parents. Please make sure you have registered your email address with the office to receive announcements for Parent Education workshops.


Parent Education Night: "Neuroscience of the Brain"

"Neuroscience of the Brain" STEAM Education with Dr. Kenneth Wesson


Ever wonder what we mean by "STEAM education"?  Why is Central Park Elementary focused on a brain-based integrated approach to learning? How does this method best meets the needs of our students?  


Dr. Kenneth Wesson answer these questions and more in the Central Park Elementary Parent Education Night Talk.


Read an excerpt from Dr. Wesson's article, "Education for the Real World."

 “Brain-considerate” home and school learning environments seek to soften the artificial academic borders that were initially created to make instruction and testing less complicated, making learning more difficult in the process. Ours should be “SMART” schools and homes, where we strategically organize learning experiences underscoring the synergies among Science, Mathematics, the Arts, Reading and Technology...Classroom instruction should occur where each of these topics is applied to the others, emphasizing their interconnectedness and linking them to the larger organizing body of what we call “knowledge.”