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Health Insurance:
Apply for FREE or Low-Cost HEALTH Insurance for Children & Adults.  Call 1-877-680-2566 

Student Accident Insurance:

Call (310) 826-5688 for information.

Nutrition Services

Child Nutrition:


This is the main number for Nutrition Services. Callers will be prompted to choose from a selection that best meets their needs. Options include:

1-Meal Applications

2-Student Account Balances




6-Nutrition Services Director

Free and Reduced Lunch Meal Application 2017-18

Students may bring lunch to school ("cold lunch"), or order lunch from the school cafeteria ("hot lunch"). 


Free/Reduced Meal Applications:

Free and Reduced Lunch Meal Application 2017-18

2017-2018 Child Nutrition Services

Biometrics Frequently Asked Questions and Opt-out Letter