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Grade: Fourth

Linda Berger Teacher
Katherine Butler Teacher
Angelina Cary Teacher

Linda Berger, 4th Grade

Linda Berger


Life- and my military family- took me all over the country.  I came to the Bay Area to attend SJSU. This area provides me energy and a centered feeling.  After many years here, I can't get enough of all it has to offer.


I'm a mellow, go with the flow person who prefers to spend free time with family and friends, exercising, listening to live music, and reading about more ways to share my passion for Science and Design Thinking with students and colleagues.  I can’t wait to get started!

Angela Cary, 4th Grade

Angela Cary

I grew up in Grass Valley where I learned to love of camping, outdoor life, and the arts, but I disliked the cold! Therefore, I attended college at UC San Diego and moved back up to the Bay Area because I missed the trees. Here I have access to the beach and the redwoods, and it’s never miserably cold.  

I have taught grades 3 through 8 at two different Project Based Learning schools sharing similar values with Central Park. This will be my 13th year teaching.  In the classroom, I am most excited to share my love of math, technology, and project based learning.




Katherine Butler