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Team Chamleon Spirit
Team Chameleon at SCCOE STEAM PD.

Team Chameleon at SCCOE

Team Chameleon at the Santa Clara County Office of Education STEAM professional development. These chameleons are ever changing and ever growing! (From left, Linda Berger, Miakje Kamstra, Beth Stauter, Anna Ng, Jennifer Zeitler, Jennifer Gray and Sabrina Oyola.)

Superhero Professional Development!

Team Chameleon at EdCamp Silicon Valley Make PD.

We love professional development! At EdCampSV Make!

At EdCamp Silicon Valley Make, a professional development workshop for educators on making. Who are these masked superheroes and caped crusaders? Can you guess their true identities???

Team Chameleon at another PD.

Professional Development as a Team!
Engaging in collaborative professional development, that is the Team Chameleon way! (From left: Rylan Stewart, Megan Winslow, and Kathy Gonzales.)