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    Important: If your child is absent, call or email the attendance clerk with the "reason" for the absent. Failure to inform the attendance clerk within 72 hours will result in the absence considered "unexcused."

    Email Attendance Clerk at: cpattendance@scusd.net or call 408-423-4411.

    See Board Policy for details regarding excused and unexcused absences.

    Office Hours

    School Office Hours for the Public are: Dates: August 3-15th, 8:30am-11:30am by appointment only.

    You may call to make an appointment via phone, Google Meet or in-person (if absolutely necessary). If you have made an “in-person” appointment, call the office when you arrive, then knock on the front door and we will let you inside. Please wear a mask and abide by the 6 feet distance protocol if standing in line by the door as well as when inside the office. Once school begins on August 17, office hours will be extended.

    Email or call for an appointment: 
    Office Phone: 408-423-4400 
    Cindy Howell (secretary) or Nelly Rodriguez (Clerk) for an appointment
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    The new Central Park Elementary web site is responsive to mobile devices and accessible to individuals with disabilities. Send feedback.



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    Info & Update FROM MS. KAMSTRA

    Staff Collaborate to Create a Hands-on Virtual Garden Experience


    October 2020


    With our school campuses closed due to the pandemic, teacher Cynthia Mallison from Bowers Elementary and Jennifer Zeitler and Karen Gwerder from Central Park Elementary, wanted to ensure that our students still had access to gardening knowledge. After meeting through SCUSD’s CTE garden collaboration group, they began working over the summer to provide students with a hands-on virtual garden experience.


    From their combined teaching experience in school gardens, they understood the meaningful learning that occurs with hands-on activities. Despite the global pandemic closing schools and forcing students into a distance learning platform, Mallison, Zeitler, and Gwerder wanted hands-on environmental lessons to continue as a way for our students to stay connected to the natural world — fuelling students’ interest in gardening. 


    The development of the school garden programs at the teacher’s school sites would have not been possible without the sharing, support, and connection of resources. As a way to pay it forward and to model collaboration, they began creating interactive garden slides to share. The team connected with Mint Sanjeemas Pasakdee and David Tuttle from the district farm, Kimberly Hunter and Kelly Overduijn from the Bryan Osborne Nature Center, Nutrition Services Director Karen Luna, and Phillip Volta from Bower’s Elementary School. This collaboration serves to not only offer students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with resources and staff but also provides meaningful content. 


    When fires raged across California in August, the team decided to theme the garden lessons around being a soil hero, inspired by Kiss the Ground’s free educator resources. By being a soil hero, students learn elementary soil science and become empowered to make a significant impact on our community. Furthermore, the interactive slides contain recipes using seasonal produce to foster healthy eating and provide students with the life skills that will serve them for years to come.


    Mycorrhizal fungi in a garden create an underground network where plants of different species can help each other thrive by sharing resources and communicating with one another. Just like the mycorrhiza, our collaborative efforts and sharing of resources can help everyone grow so let’s communicate. For more information, please contact Karen Gwerder at cpgarden@scusd.net, Jennifer Zeitler at jzeitler@scusd.net, or Cynthia Mallison at cmallison@scusd.net

    Check out some of the videos below. Happy gardening, from the SCUSD Garden Team:

    Posted 10/22/20


    Technical Support: If you need technical support for a district device, please reach out to the SCUSD Help Desk. 

    Help Desk Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

    Email: cs@scusd.net or Text: (408) 900-6867



    Central Park STEAM Robotics Team will hold a general meeting on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at 7PM over Zoom.


    For login details, continuing families can login from a link on our private WhatsApp group. New families can find the login link on the private Konstella social group under the Central Park Elementary.


    We will be discussing 2020-21 changes related to Covid19, what families are interesting in achieving this school year, which parents are interested in leading tracks and ideas on how to execute the 2020-21 vision.

    Posted 8/31/20


    Team Chameleon

    Team Chameleon

    We nurture the development of the whole child who is then inspired to continually expand all aspects of his/her being (mind, body, heart) and is empowered to improve the world for others. We build habits of mind and ways of being that are caring, curious, reflective and visionary.

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