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P2P Request: Video

Hi parents! Who captured video Friday morning of Ms. Winslow leading the kids in the Cupid Shuffle? Was that awesome or what? Unfortunately, I did not get to record it. If you have it, send it to centralparksteam "at" gmail.com!

It's a STEAM-Y Weekend...

P2PTips on the STEAM-Y Weekend events...



STEM out at the Santa Clara City Library!

Saturday, April 29th from 10am to 4pm @ Central Park Library.

Central Park Library
2635 Homestead Road
Santa Clara CA 95051

STEM Central is an all-day, family-friendly event celebrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the heart of Silicon Valley. Visitors will come face to face with every manner of technology, from printing presses and glassblowing to virtual reality, robots, and drones. A full day of speakers includes panels from women in STEM fields, wildlife experts, and a planetary scientist from SETI. Younger visitors will get hands-on at interactive Innovation Stations throughout the library, where children and adults can work together to build circuits, learn to write code, and launch their very own rocket. Santa Clara City Library has partnered with local tech companies to create an experience that will inspire our students and the entire community.


What is The Tech Challenge?
This signature program of The Tech invites teams of students in Grades 4-12 to use the engineering design process to solve a real-world problem. Participants spend months collaborating and becoming deeply engaged in the challenge while documenting their progress and designs. The program culminates in a thrilling two-day showcase in April when teams put their solutions to the test in front of judges.

The 2017 challenge: Rock the Ravine
Design and build a device to help explorers cross an ice field with multiple ravines.

Who: Students in Grades 4-12

What: A team engineering design challenge

Why: To develop creative solutions to a real-world problem

Saturday, April 29 • Morning: Grades 4-5 • Afternoon: Grade 6
Sunday, April 30 • Morning: Grades 9-12 • Afternoon: Grades 7-8


Public School Week Awards

Each year the Superintendent and School Board honors two students and one adult volunteer with the “Public School Week Award” for the outstanding work they have done during the school year.  Congratulations to our award winners who were honored April 27th, 2017: Tesin Dosch, parent volunteer and two of our 3rd grade students!



Multicultural Night Video & Pictures

We have collected over 100 pictures from the Multicultural Night thanks to Lilly, Wendy and Kanti.


SCUSD also composed a video of the event:



The Book Fair is Here!

The book fair is here! 


We will be setting it up over the next few days and will be opened to students and parents Monday. 


Here is a small sampling of the books we received.



Don't forget to bring your quarters tomorrow!


Jennifer and Katie 



Book Fair Update

Hi Parents!


As you may have heard, the Book Fair is quickly approaching! Today we raised just over $65.00 in pennies, in the first day of our “coin-a-day” challenge! Don’t forget to send:


Tuesday: Nickels

Wednesday: Dimes

Thursday: Quarters

Friday: Anything you may have forgotten or additional donations! 


All money raised goes to All For Books (through Scholastic), which we will use to buy new books for our school library! 

Who doesn’t want new library books!!!!




No book fair can be successful without amazing volunteers! We are looking for volunteers to help in various ways with the book fair!




Click the sign up genius link and sign up to help with all the fun!


Thanks so much for all of your continued support with our amazing school!!!


Jennifer Brickman

Katie Curtis

Book Fair Coordinators



SOS from the Workroom

Hello Central Park Families,


As the end of the school year approaches, the staff workroom is running short on basic supplies - with no budget to pay for the much needed items. With student projects and school activities over the last few weeks, our stash of copy paper and other supplies has rapidly been depleted! Please consider donating items from the list to help our wonderful teachers and students continue to be successful.


Items are listed by priority.


1. We are in desperate need of white 8 1⁄2 x 11 copy paper.

At the current rate we will be out in the next few days.

2. White card stock 8 1⁄2 x 11.

3. Pink copy paper 8 1⁄2 x 11.

4. Goldenrod copy paper 8 1⁄2 x 11.

5. Construction paper 9x12 in Gray, Magenta,


Purchase the items through Amazon Smile and have a percentage go back to our school.

All donated supplies can be left on the donation shelf in the workroom.


Tips to get through the rest of the school year:


● If you need to make copies, consider making them on colored paper.

● Do you have kids that need to be entertained while you are on campus? Use the scratch paper or the already cut construction paper box for their coloring and cutting entertainment. Please DO NOT use the full sized construction paper or white copy paper! All of our workroom supplies are for the teachers to use with students.

● Remember to remove colored copy paper from the tray once you are done with it.


Thank you!

The Workroom Fairies,

Jennifer Brickman and Katie Curtis

Info & Updates from Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Thank you to YOU and our PTA for an incredible Multicultural Night. It was a wonderful night filled with amazing performances by our kids-- rich, educational tables set up teaching us about the different countries our families come from, an inspiring Robotics arcade where students could program their robot to travel around the world, a photo booth where we could capture memories, and delicious foods to sample. There was a DJ (one of our amazing parents) that set the ambiance with great music, performances by our Ukulele students, inspiring songs sung by our first and second graders, as well as a beautiful Indian dance. Special thanks to the Coordinator, Jill Peterson, and the Multicultural Committee. What a wonderful event to honor our community and bring us all together as we enter the last (7) weeks of school.


Yearbooks are on sale!


If you can't locate the form we have attached here (Print) or via Paypal to <CentralParkPTA2016@gmail.com> (transfer funds to friend/family) with student's, class, teacher's details in comments.


Please mark your calendars for some other events coming up. You can also find these events on our public calendar posted on our website.

Garden Committee

April 24, 7:00pm

Meet in Garden


PTA Meeting

April 25, 7:00pm



Administrative Professionals Day

April 26th

We will honor our office staff for their hard work. Thank you to Cindy and Leanne!!


Arbor Day

April 28

All students will walk over to Central Park to take part in some wonderful activities celebrating Arbor Day. Please make sure your child has turned in their permission slip to their teacher.

For more info: http://santaclaraca.gov/residents/events/arbor-day-earth-day-celebration


STEAM Expo/Open House

May 2, 6:00-8:00pm

At Central Park Elementary School our goal is for students to be joyful learners with STEAM, mainly through Project Based Learning, where students are able to utilize 21st-century skills.

Please join us at our STEAM Expo on May 2nd to discover:

  • Evidence of student work that reflects the deep thoughtful learning that they have achieved

  • Students who are able to explain their thinking and the process they went through

  • Different STEAM related activities that you and your family can enjoy!

  • Visit our Book Fair!

Classroom open 6-7pm

Outside Activities begin: 6:30pm

Please see flyer attached.


Book Fair

May 1st-5th

Thank you to Book Fair Coordinators, Jennifer Brickman and Katie Curtis. The Book Fair will be held in our school Library.

Want to volunteer? Need to know the hours? Go to:




Staff Appreciation Week

May 5-8

Thank you to the Staff Appreciation Committee who is working on honoring our amazing staff!


School Site Council

May 9, 6:00-7:00pm



PTA/Principal Coffee

Wed. May 10th, 8:15am-9:00am

Staff Room


Talent Show Auditions

Wed. May 10th, 1:45-3:00pm

A flyer went home with specifics.


Comedy Show

May 19, 6:30pm

Multipurpose Room

Doors open at 6:00pm

Join Us for a Laugh at the Comedy Show


The ComedySportz San Jose Troupe is coming to Central Park on Friday, May 19th at 6:30 pm!  ComedySportz is a national award-winning interactive comedy show where two teams of trained "act-letes" compete for audience laughs while improvising scenes, games, and musicals based on your suggestions. Fun for ALL AGES!  Proceeds will fund instructional materials for our classrooms.


For more info visit: http://vimeo.com/28531209

See flyer attached


SBAC Testing

May 15-May 26

Third-graders will take part in state testing. More details will come as we get closer.



Memorial Day

May 29 (Monday)


PTA Mtg.

May 30, 7:00pm, Library


Talent Show

June 6


Multipurpose Room


School Site Council Mtg.

June 6, 6:00pm



Last Day of School

June 9

Note: School hours are different. ALL students are dismissed at

12:30pm. We do not serve a regular lunch. A mid-morning "Brunch" is served. Final Report cards go home.


Wishing everyone a wonderful week!

Ms. Kamstra


STEAM Expo - May 2nd 6-8PM


Young Engineers - May Session

Join Us for a Laugh at the Comedy Show

The ComedySportz San Jose Troupe is coming to Central Park on Friday, May 19th at 6:30 pm!  ComedySportz is a national award-winning interactive comedy show where two teams of trained "act-letes" compete for audience laughs while improvising scenes, games, and musicals based on your suggestions. Fun for ALL AGES!  Proceeds will fund instructional materials for our classrooms.


For more info visit: http://vimeo.com/28531209


Look for the seat reservation flyer in your students’ backpack soon!


Ms. Miakje Kamstra



New Volunteer Form & Updated School Fax Number

A new version of the Volunteer Form is available (PDF to print). Volunteer application forms are required for all volunteers on campus.


Also, the School Fax Number has been updated to 1-408-244-6031

Volunteer for the Book Fair!

Volunteers make a difference and we need your help to pull off the best #bookfair ever!

Help is needed 4/26 to 5/5.

Sign up here:



Home of the CHAMELEONS!

     Ever Growing, Ever Changing...

 Meet Newton, Central Park's Mascot.

Curious, Creative, Inspired!!!


School Launch Page: bit.ly/cpinspire 



Mon. May 1, 2017

Drop Off: 8:30AM All Grades
Pick Up: 2:26PM K, G1 & G2
  2:51PM Grade 3

Student Absences

Email Attendance Clerk, Leanne Konicek at: lkonicek@scusd.net or call 408-423-4411. State the reason for the absence. See Board Policy for details regarding excused and unexcused absences.

Hot Topics



1st Grade Blog




May 1st-5th- Scholastic Book Fair

May 2nd- STEAM Expo from 6-8pm.

June 1st- Oakland Zoo


Reading Workshop: Over the last two weeks, students have been engaging in nonfiction texts. As we read nonfiction texts, students are learning how nonfiction text features add to the complexity of the book. Nonfiction features provide students another way to interpret, question, and comprehend the text. They LOVE reading nonfiction books!



Writing Workshop:  We have been learning about different habitats. This weeks focus has been on the rain forest. Students have learned to gather information on different animals and classify their facts into the following categories: appearance, habitat, diet, and interesting facts. Through their categorization and model writing, they are produce nonfiction pieces that are increasing in length, structure, and complexity. They are eager to write more and more.



Math Workshop: This week we completed our journey of geometry and 3D shapes. We started a new module, which is focusing on place values and breaking numbers. Students are seeing patterns in 2 digit numbers and quickly adding them using their knowledge of 10s.


Science:  This week we learned about the the rain forest and two animals that reside in it: sloths and toucans. Also, we delved into Biomimicry! Did you know that humans created grabbers and tongs from observing toucans? Or that we came up with umbrellas because of the Kapok tree! How awesome is that!


Field Trips:

We had an amazing time at the Youth Science Institute. Students created devices that made sound and a paper rocket. At Arbor Day, we were surrounded by so many people celebrating the Earth and Earth conservation.



Our students have worked so hard this year and growing in knowledge. Come and check out their final sound device creation at the STEAM Expo! Hope to see you there.




2nd Grade Blog


Hello 2nd grade families!  Here’s what’s going on in our classrooms:

  • Reading:  We are researching information about bees. Students will learn about why bees are important, what is causing their declining population and what can they do to save them.  2nd grade will continue with guided reading, where teachers are pulling small groups of students during reading time, or conferring with individual students about their reading.  

  • Writing: Students are researching and writing important facts that they are learning about bees.

  • Math: Module 10 has begun.  This unit will focus on adding two and three digit numbers with three digit numbers on a hundreds chart and number line (with regrouping) and polyhedrons (3D shapes).  Test will be on Friday, April 28.

  • Science: Our current unit will be focusing on Habitats.  The students will be learning about 3+ habitats.  Students will be creating a diorama of their chosen habitat.  We are focusing on what plants and animals live in each habitat.

  • Social Studies: N/A

  • Tinkering/Building Fridays:  Students will continue to work in collaborative groups to build and extend their logic/problem solving skills.  


3rd Grade Blog

Kindergarten Blog


Life Skill:

We are building life skills in order to  be responsible citizens. Friendship is our September Life skill.  We are working on learning what friends need and how to build friendships.



Growth Mindset:

Students are learning to train their brain by turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts.  They are learning that failing at something isn't a bad thing.  When you make a mistake it gives you the opportunity to learn and try again.




We are learning how to read books and building stamina.  Our next step is learning how to read with a partner.  




We are focused on sorting, counting and writing numbers.  



Passion Projects:

Passion projects are time for students to research and learn about a topic of interest.  They will have time in class to work on these projects.  Please contact your child's teacher if you are interested in volunteering during passion project time.  



Fun Fridays:

 Fun Fridays are a way to introduce new projects to students by sharing your passions.  Sometimes students find a new passion they never knew they had! 

Please be prepared to bring in supplies you need for your project.  Here are some projects which parents have done with students in the past. 

-     Finger knitting

-     Growing plants

-     Coding

-     Drawing lessons

-     Cooking

-     Yoga


Contact your child's teacher  if you have an interest to share with our students.


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LibraryOnlineCatalog RightColumn 225w.gif

Garden Blog

Makerspace Blog


We have been testing an experimental "Train the Trainers" program in the Makerspace to teach some of our parent volunteers who spend many hours per week volunteering on campus. We are testing with students who do a lot of cleanup and support tasks. These parents and students then volunteer hours inside the classroom delivering and supporting the integration of maker programs by teachers.



We are working out the kinks this Spring and hope to expand the program in the Fall so that more teachers will have the trained support that they need.


We started with paper circuits, 3D printing, painting and squishy circuits.


This past Tuesday, our first rollout into the classroom happened with 3 parent volunteers, Eris, Dasha and Kanti supporting Ms. Cary implementing a paper circuit project in 3rd Grade.


Here is what Eris had to say about the classroom roll out:


"On Tuesday we did a paper circuit in Ms Cary's class. Kanti and Dasha also came to help. Ms Cary divided the whole class into 4 groups, and each group was guided by an adult. We first practiced folding and curving copper tape on a paper template . After successfully turning on a single LED, they might create their circuit and design their artwork. Most of the students were engaged in the activity. From what I could see, they were busy troubleshooting or building their circuits. Two students at my table even made a parallel circuit which was impressive. After the activity, several students asked me to give them extra materials so that they could continue to work on their circuits at home.They were motivated. It was great that they could learn about electricity through hands-on activities."


"The students tried to light up twoLEDs with one battery. When the boy couldn't light up the LEDs, (my daughter) helped him and they redesigned a parallel circuit together. Then it worked which impressed me."



Robotics Team Blog


Our Wonder League Team of the Dash Girls, Giant Wolf and Silly Noodles did not win the #1 spot in Wonder League but they still achieved great success! #294 in the world is still a great achievement for these first time competitors!


Here is a recap of the coding challenges they completed.




Central Park PTA

Central Park Intro

Sing the Central Park Song!

Bring Box Tops!



Web Site Feedback

Can't find something? Have suggestions? Need something posted? Have pictures from events to share? 


Please sign the media release form if you want us to share more pictures about class activities!