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Central Park Day at Sports Basement

Sports Basement has given Central Park a fundraising day along with stacked discounts for Central Park families. Just shop today, Wed. Dec 13th and mention setup Central Park as your charity. Funds raised go straight to Central Park Elementary for supporting school-wide programs.

Info and Update Central Park Elementary 12/11/17

Important Dates:


Wednesday, December 13th: 

Project Cornerstone Reader Training, 12:30pm, Makerspace

Parent Education, Digital Citizenship, 6:00pm, Multipurpose Room (childcare provided in Makerspace for school-age children)


Tuesday, December 19th

ELAC and School Site Council meetings, 6:00pm

Agenda item: LCAP update and survey (Local Control Accountability Plan), Location: Library, all are welcome to these meetings. 


Thursday, December 21st

Minimum Day, Dismissal: 1:37pm  


December 22-January 8

No School (Winter Break)


January 9

School Resumes




Thank you to Tesin Dosch for coordinating our Code-a-Thon!

Some updates from Tesin:


Get those "Coding Logs" and "Pledge Forms" into your teachers so we can tally the numbers and see what great progress everyone made during the Code-A-Thon. We will then enter those into the Walkstarter.org system for processing. Please return all "Coding Logs" and "Pledge Forms" by Thursday, December 14th when Wednesday envelopes are returned to teachers.


4th Grade has combined all their coding logs already to have a whopping 11,212 lines of code!!!! Amazing coding!!!!


12/11 Update: 4th Grading Coding logs have all been entered into the Walkstarter database. Totals from Mrs. Goulette's room and Ms. Gray/Mr. V's room have been added as well.  If your is missing (most likely due to non-published pages, Walkstarter pages with no teacher/room specified or first/last name switched), please email cpcodeathon@gmail.com to get it fixed.


Thank you to our Robotics Competition Team for hosting the after-school coding sessions last Monday.  Thank you to all of the parents and families who have supported our Code-a-Thon!  


Have a wonderful week,

Ms. Kamstra 



Tweets of the Week

4th Grade Codes 11,212 Lines in One Week!!!!!

4th Grade has combined all their in-class coding already to have a whopping 11,212 lines of code!!!! Amazing coding!!!!


12/11 UPDATE 4th Grading Coding logs have all been entered into the Walkstarter database. Totals from Mrs. Goulette's room and Ms. Gray/Mr. V's room have been added as well.  If your is missing (most likely due to non-published pages, Walkstarter pages with no teacher/room specified or first/last name switched), please email cpcodeathon@gmail.com to get it fixed.



Get those "Coding Logs" and "Pledge Forms" in to your teachers so we can tally the numbers and see what great progress everyone made during the Code-A-Thon. We will then enter those into the Walkstarter.org system for processing. Please return all "Coding Logs" and "Pledge Forms" by Thursday when Wednesday envelopes are returned.

Keep on Coding!

National Computer Science Education Week continues through the weekend at many locations such as the Apple Store and the Microsoft Store.


Check their web sites to register for slots:


Apple Store:   https://www.apple.com/today/collection/hourofcode/


Microsoft Store:     http://bit.ly/2y8RR1v


Special Education: CAC December 13


Cheers at K-G2 Hour of Code with the Robotics Team

This past Monday, 12/4/17 after school, the Wonder League and FIRST LEGO League Junior crew of the Central Park STEAM Robotics Team hosted Kinder, 1st and 2nd Graders in an hour of code in the Makerspace.


Together the kids coded a rocket to the moon in an unplugged exercise then they then ran their program with the Dash robot. Then the kids added their lines of code to their Central Park Code-A-Thon "Coding Log"!!! 


The Central Park STEAM Robotics Team is a blend of robotics along with the core values of teamwork, discovery and leadership. Thank you to the parents and students who volunteered to teach other students and share activities after school.



After School: Girls on the Run


The Hour of Code with Kinder!

Check out our Kinders programming Dash robot commands for The Hour of Code and the Central Park Code-A-Thon!! 



Code-A-Thon Coding with Kinder to 2nd Grade


Yearbook Cover Contest

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The year is racing by! It is time for the Yearbook Cover Contest!

If your child is interested in participating, please see the attachment for guidelines.


Your PTA and Yearbook Coordinator



Central Park STEAM Community

Parent Ed: Digital Citizenship

Updated Digital Citizenship flyer with correct date




Home of the CHAMELEONS!

     Ever Growing, Ever Changing...

 Meet Newton, Central Park's Mascot.

Curious, Creative, Inspired!!!


School Launch Page: bit.ly/cpinspire 


Wed. Dec. 13, 2017

 Drop Off:   8:30AM   All Grades 
 Pick Up:   1:37PM   All Grades 

Student Absences

Email Attendance Clerk, Leanne Konicek at: lkonicek@scusd.net or call 408-423-4411. State the reason for the absence. See Board Policy for details regarding excused and unexcused absences.

Hot Topics



2nd Grade Blog




December 21st- Early Dismissal @1:37pm.

December 22nd-January 9th- Winter Break


Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop, we have continued to read different versions of The Three Little PIgs and we have started to read different fairytales. Students are learning all about fairytales and what features fairytales have.


Writer’s Workshop: Students have been drafting their versions of The Three Little Pigs! Their creativity is flowing. Students have been using such imagination in their versions. Their eagerness to write and their stamina for writing is increasing by the day. They are excited to share their stories with their peers.


Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, students have started a new math module. In this math module, students are learning strategies to solve two digit addition problems. They are learning to decompose, consolidate tens and ones, and use doubles to solve two digit addition problems.


Coding: Our Code-A-Thon was filled with lots of positive excitement and learning power. Students used Code.org and Kodable to code. They were great problem solvers and were enthusiastic about all of the coding challenges that were presented to them. Our entire 2nd grade coded over 3,000 lines of code. Way to go!



Science: In Science, we talked about different types of matter and how all matter has different observable properties or words to describe the matter. We presented students with a draw and label that taught them about a few different types of matter, some of which have reversible and irreversible changes. For instance, water can change from ice to water and back again, thus having a reversible change.  Also, we talked about cotton and how cotton is used to make clothing and other products. Once the cotton is made into those items, the change is irreversible. Students also sorted matter based on observable properties. Some students sorted material based on being flexible or rigid. Other sorted their material on whether or not they could float. Science is alive in our classrooms!


Rotations: Students are in their third round of rotations. Miss Winslow is continuing her work with quadrats and students are learning to look deeper and closer at objects in nature. Mrs. Tang is teaching students about art through literature. She is doing a lesson that is based of the children’s book The Dot. Mr. Woodman, a Santa Clara ceramics teacher, has been joining Mrs. Tang’s rotation and glazing clay leaves that students made earlier in the year.  Rylan has been teaching students about watercolor and the classes have been drawing and painting snowmen. It is wonderful for us to get to know each and everyone of the 2nd graders.




Physical Education Blog


Our Third Graders taught Hula Hoop activities for the First and Second graders at lunch time recess.  The kids had a great time!




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Garden Blog

Makerspace Blog

Makerspace Training with PSBMEM
All Notes

Robotics Team Blog


Central Park 3rd and 4th graders pulled off an amazing win at the Google FIRST LEGO League Robotics Tournament this past Saturday, November 11th bringing home 2 trophies for the Robot Performance Award as well as the Robot Design Award.



The Robot Performance Award reflected the highest ending scores of the teams at the tournament, Central Park's team "Cats Love Mars" managed to beat every single team at the robotics game including 3 teams from Juan Cabrillo Middle School's 49ers STEM Leadership program. Central Park made a resounding win scoring 150 points with a 45 point margin above the 2nd place team.  (Photo of ending scores has schools and cities added.)


The Robot Design Award showcased the amazing effort and learning our students had put into coding, engineering, and design thinking. They fielded questions from a judging panel of professional engineers on their code modularity, automation/navigation, mechanics, physics, design choices and strategy. The judges commented "Great use of sensors, control blocks and myblocks with feedback loops. Modular attachments were very good".

Our students had a great foundation with engineering concepts from the Central Park STEAM Robotics Team as well as the 2016-17 Coding Club run by Ms. Cary and Hour of Code with Mr. Garcia. Our students had the Central Park spirit of taking ownership for their own learning spending the summer continuing from where Ms. Cary left off on code.org and completing entire courses on their own. They also spent the summer and this fall building, testing and iterating on their robot design using the same design thinking taught by Central Park's teachers.


Our students had a great jump on applying mathematical concepts to engineering solutions from Central Park's use of a 3-tiered mathematics methodology of kinesthetic, visual then algebraic. Learning math conceptually rather than algorithmically helped students apply concepts to real world situtations such as addition partners of a sum from Mrs. Tang's class to construct stronger robot walls. They also calculated the circumference of wheels, motor rotations and coded proportional line following from multiplication and division concepts taught by Ms. Berger, Ms. Cary, Mrs. Oyola and Mrs. Stauter. Using a suggestion from Mrs. Stauter, the team practiced math concepts by cooking croissants, cupcakes, brownies, pizza, cookies, tacos and biscuits.



The Google FLL Robotics Tournament also included a judging session on Hydrodynamics projects that our students developed from February to November of 2017. In Central Park's PBL (Project-Based Learning) spirit, our students traveled into the real world researching hydrodynamics with a "driving question" of solving problems in the human water cycle. They asked questions and proposed ideas to professionals from the California Department of Water, Santa Clara Valley Water District, U.S. National Parks Service, NASA Ames, and Made in Space.


They then developed an innovative solution of 3D printing water purification systems on the International Space Station, Mars and in Puerto Rico using moon rock, Mars sand and volcanic ash . Their proposal would give people a low cost and easily manufactured method for creating safe drinking water in new worlds as well as communities devasted by natural disasters lacking access to reliable power sources. Our students performed an experiment distilling water as well as building prototypes iteratively with feedback from NASA Aerospace Engineer Tara Samuels and Made In Space Vice President of In-Space Operations, Matt Napoli. As in Central Park's PBL programs, our students felt empowered and passionate about their ability to innovate and make the world a better place.



Our team "Cats Love Mars" failed to win the overall Champion's Award due to gaps in Core Values teamwork communication challenges however, as we know at Central Park, a growth mindset always leaves room for lifelong learners to be resilient and improve in the future!


Fantastic work Chameleons! 


This Saturday, November 18th, Central Park's "Lego Masters" will travel to Folsom, CA to take on 15 teams at Intel's FLL Robotics Tournament.


Good luck!!!


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