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Volunteer Forms

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SCUSD Volunteer Packet 2017-2018 (English PDF)


SCUSD Volunteer Packet 2017-2018 (Spanish PDF)


There is no form for the TB test. When a TB test is completed, your physician will give you a TB test result document that you may submit to the Central Park office.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How often do I need to take the TB test?

Volunteers who test negative shall thereafter be required to take a tuberculosis test every four years in accordance with Education Code 49406. (From Santa Clara Unified School District)


Parent/Student Handbook

Please read the 2017-2018 SCUSD Parent/Student Handbook with your child.  Please print, sign and date the Acknowledgement (Section A) and Sections B and C, which are the Use of Technology and media release forms located on page 2. Please return forms to your child's teacher. You may also bring them when you complete the residency verification before school starts. Please note that if you have more than one child attending, you will need to sign documents for each child. Thank you! 


Student/Parent Handbook 2017-18 in ENGLISH (PDF)

Student/Parent Handbook 2017-18 in SPANISH (PDF)

Student/Parent Handbook 2017-18 in VIETNAMESE (PDF) 


Page 2 of the Student/Parent Handbook to print and return.