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DEC 2017

News Archive - DEC 2017


The list of all SCUSD Parent Information Meetings and Tours for 2018-19 is on an SCUSD PDF.


In the case of Central Park, it is:

Central Park Elementary School Parent Tours


•January12,2018 – 9:00a.m.

•January26,2018 – 9:00a.m.




Dear Third- and Fourth-grade students and families,


Welcome to 2018 and a new opportunity for leadership at Central Park. Many fourth graders participated in Student Council last year, and this year’s third graders will have an opportunity to join in. Join us for an information and brainstorming session to talk about ideas for building school community, fundraising, and taking care of our campus.


January 17th at lunch recess (12:00-12:20): information and brainstorming in room F-6, Ms. Stauter’s classroom.  Come with your ideas, ready to listen and participate!



​Dear Parents and Guardians,


Happy Holidays from Team Chameleon!


Please know that TOMORROW, Wednesday, is Pajama Day!

 Kids can wear pajamas and should wear sturdy shoes for outdoor activities.


Thursday is a minimum day, dismissal is at 1:37pm.


Friday is NO SCHOOL.


We will see students back on January 9th, 2018!


Happy New Year!!


Ms. Kamstra and Team Chameleon

Ms. Miakje Kamstra



Dear Central Park Community,


As we wind down 2017 and approach the halfway point of the school year, we wanted to express our gratitude for the amazing support of our parents, teachers, support staff, and community members who have come together this year to allow Central Park to reach so many new milestones.


Our first direct donation drive in August was a huge success and surpassed our expectations by raising $30,701 for our school.  This money has already been directed into our classrooms by providing needed resources to teachers.  Your generous donations supported art programs, technology resources, field trips, classroom materials, and the PBL's that your children have participated in this year.  We will continue to equally allocate these funds across all grades in the second half of the school year as well.


Additionally, our PTA is proud to have sponsored events that bring our community together.  We started a new tradition with our Back to School event in August and continued our tradition of hosting a Fall Festival and Dining for Dollars opportunities.  Not bad for our second year as a PTA!


We are eagerly anticipating 2018 as we continue to work to bring additional community events to our school and find ways to harness our PTA resources to enrich and support the educational vision at Central Park Elementary.


We certainly don't do it alone and we thank all of our PTA members, engaged volunteers, wonderful parent leaders, and the exceptional staff and teachers at our school.


We wish you a happy holiday season and a Happy New Year!


Many thanks,


Kimberley Williams, Shailesh Dubale, Dasha Estes, and Jennifer Brickman

                        PTA Executive Board, Central Park Elementary (2017-2018) 


To connect with our PTA, please follow us on Facebook @ Central Park STEAM Community

Email: centralparkPTA2016@gmail.com


Join us for our next PTA General Membership Meeting, Tuesday January 16, 2017 at 7:30pm in the school library.


Ms. Winslow's 2nd graders integrating Art and Science, learning about observable properties through creating abstract art. They used black glue for the lines and liquid watercolors to paint. They noticed the glue had a certain texture.




Today we had a STEAM themed baby shower for Miss Cary!


S - Science - the kids made their own “baby pizzas” and had “baby” carrots and ranch, and also got to decorate cupcakes to eat!


T - Technology- they took pictures using my mini-Polaroid like camera, and we made a wish book for Baby - with their pictures in it!


E - engineering- the kids used a variety of materials to create the next great baby invention


A - art - kids used fabric markers - and each child got to make Baby a personalized bib


M - Kids did a variety of guessing games, how much will baby weigh, length, etc...


Then Ms. Cary opened her gift (the baby monitor she wanted! And an extra sock to go with it!) 


We had tons of fun!!! See pictures below!


Thank you to all the families who contributed to her gift, and to Helen, Loanna and Eris who helped me pull all this together today!


Happy Holidays, 


Jennifer Brickman




Dear Parents and Guardians,

Tuesday night we are inviting both our SSC and ELAC together.

See agenda below. ELAC (PDF) and  SSC (PDF)

We will be reviewing the status of the district's LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) and be completing an important survey in order to give the district feedback in regards to what you feel are priorities. 


If you are unable to attend but would like to complete the survey, please send me a message and I will send it to you.

Everyone is invited to attend this meeting. We will provide Chromebooks for the survey, however, if you'd like to bring your own device, please do. 



Ms. Kamstra 


Ms. Miakje Kamstra




Ms. Oyola’s 3rd graders designing methods for seed dispersal in the Makerspace.



2nd Grade Writing Buddies talking about Glow - "compliments" and Grows "suggestions".


Our seconds graders have tallied their numbers for Code-A-Thon week and amassed an amazing  27,000  lines of code and 100% participation in every single 2nd grade class!!!!


Outstanding job Central Park 2nd Graders!!!!!!!!!


From all the coding logs turned in so far, Central Park has a total of  60,637  lines of code in one week!


Get your Coding Logs returned to teachers so we can tally up!




Important Dates:


Wednesday, December 13th: 

Project Cornerstone Reader Training, 12:30pm, Makerspace

Parent Education, Digital Citizenship, 6:00pm, Multipurpose Room (childcare provided in Makerspace for school-age children)


Tuesday, December 19th

ELAC and School Site Council meetings, 6:00pm

Agenda item: LCAP update and survey (Local Control Accountability Plan), Location: Library, all are welcome to these meetings. 


Thursday, December 21st

Minimum Day, Dismissal: 1:37pm  


December 22-January 8

No School (Winter Break)


January 9

School Resumes




Thank you to Tesin Dosch for coordinating our Code-a-Thon!

Some updates from Tesin:


Get those "Coding Logs" and "Pledge Forms" into your teachers so we can tally the numbers and see what great progress everyone made during the Code-A-Thon. We will then enter those into the Walkstarter.org system for processing. Please return all "Coding Logs" and "Pledge Forms" by Thursday, December 14th when Wednesday envelopes are returned to teachers.


4th Grade has combined all their coding logs already to have a whopping 11,212 lines of code!!!! Amazing coding!!!!


12/11 Update: 4th Grading Coding logs have all been entered into the Walkstarter database. Totals from Mrs. Goulette's room and Ms. Gray/Mr. V's room have been added as well.  If your is missing (most likely due to non-published pages, Walkstarter pages with no teacher/room specified or first/last name switched), please email cpcodeathon@gmail.com to get it fixed.


Thank you to our Robotics Competition Team for hosting the after-school coding sessions last Monday.  Thank you to all of the parents and families who have supported our Code-a-Thon!  


Have a wonderful week,

Ms. Kamstra 



4th Grade has combined all their coding logs already to have a whopping 11,212 lines of code!!!! Amazing coding!!!!


12/11 UPDATE 4th Grading Coding logs have all been entered into the Walkstarter database. Totals from Mrs. Goulette's room and Ms. Gray/Mr. V's room have been added as well.  If your is missing (most likely due to non-published pages, Walkstarter pages with no teacher/room specified or first/last name switched), please email cpcodeathon@gmail.com to get it fixed.



Get those "Coding Logs" and "Pledge Forms" in to your teachers so we can tally the numbers and see what great progress everyone made during the Code-A-Thon. We will then enter those into the Walkstarter.org system for processing. Please return all "Coding Logs" and "Pledge Forms" by Thursday when Wednesday envelopes are returned.


National Computer Science Education Week continues through the weekend at many locations such as the Apple Store and the Microsoft Store.


Check their web sites to register for slots:


Apple Store:   https://www.apple.com/today/collection/hourofcode/


Microsoft Store:     http://bit.ly/2y8RR1v


If your child's Code-A-Thon avatar is not showing it is because there is no "grade" or "classroom" and the "publish" button has not been clicked.


Please go to https://centralpark.walkstarter.org, login, then click "Edit" on your student listing and finish step 1 by selecting "grade" and "classroom". Then go to step 3 to click "publish".


That will then allow us to include the avatar since it is organized by class.


Thanks and Happy Coding!


Tesin Dosch

Code-A-Thon Coordinator

Central Park PTA (Parent Teacher Association)



This past Monday, 12/4/17 after school, the Wonder League and FIRST LEGO League Junior crew of the Central Park STEAM Robotics Team hosted Kinder, 1st and 2nd Graders in an hour of code in the Makerspace.


Together the kids coded a rocket to the moon in an unplugged exercise then they then ran their program with the Dash robot. Then the kids added their lines of code to their Central Park Code-A-Thon "Coding Log"!!! 


The Central Park STEAM Robotics Team is a blend of robotics along with the core values of teamwork, discovery and leadership. Thank you to the parents and students who volunteered to teach other students and share activities after school.



Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have 8% of our families on Walkstarter. We encourage you to assist your child in signing up so they can participate in the Code-A-Thon. Follow this link for help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEAT0reou6c

Thank you for your support!



Team Chameleon


Ms. Miakje Kamstra



Check out our Kinders programming Dash robot commands for The Hour of Code and the Central Park Code-A-Thon!! 





Lets go coding stars!!!!!!!!!


The Central Park Code-A-Thon blasts off today!!!! Get setup on https://centralpark.walkstarter.org ! 


Get your avatar published at least 24 hours before the morning drawing to make sure your avatar gets printed and placed in the Sur-Prize Prize bucket!!!


Let's see how many lines of code we can all create this week!!!!



This short video explains how to get your child set up for the Code-a-thon







Ms. Cary


Dear Parents and Guardians,


There are two events happening together next week during National Computer Science Education Week December 4-8th. 


1. The Hour of Code which will occur in classrooms through regular class participation. Students will work on a coding project for an hour. Many schools around the world are participating in this event. Students will participate in a kick-off assembly on Monday, December 4th at 9AM. 


Our Central Park Robotics Team will also be mentoring students in kick-off events after school on 12/4, 3-4PM for students accompanied by parents who wish to get a jump start on coding. Locations: Makerspace and Multipurpose Room.

2. The second part is the Central Park Code-A-Thon. The Code-A-Thon is an optional activity. The Central Park Code-A-Thon encourages kids to go beyond just one hour of coding by having parents, relatives, neighbors, and friends pledge to sponsor a child for each line of code the child programs.  Sponsors can pledge a donation per line of code or pledge a flat donation amount for the child to complete their goal of coding a certain number of lines in that week.


This is a fun way to motivate kids to take charge of their learning by coding while also fundraising to get additional resources so that our teachers can conduct computer science activities in class more regularly than just one hour per year. 


Because we are a relatively new school and the computer science (k12cs) initiative is a new educational program, our goal is to increase the number of computers, robotics kits, etc. for all the classrooms to integrate computer science on a weekly basis.


Many Central Park parents have expressed interest in supporting the computer science initiative (k12cs) so the Central Park PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is organizing the Code-A-Thon to help support computer science integration at Central Park for our kids. This event will benefit every classroom and every child at Central Park from Kindergarten to 5th grade.

To get setup for the Code-A-Thon online.
1) Go to https://centralpark.walkstarter.org as a parent and click "My Walkstarter" 
2) Login as a parent using a Google or Facebook account.
3) Add participants (your kids)

For each participant
1) Enter basic pledge information. Ask your child how many lines of code they want as a goal for the week. We are equating "laps" to "lines of code".


2) Create an avatar letting your child dress themselves up. This avatar is posted at school in the window of the makerspace and book room on the Code-A-Thon board. This avatar is also displayed on their Code-A-Thon page.


3) Publish your child's Code-A-Thon page. Once published, this page is not available to the general public however you may share the page with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, and friends. There are options to share on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, email or you can copy/paste the web page URL in an email, chat or text messaging program. Many relatives enjoy encouraging kids to learn so they will pledge per line of code or pledge a flat amount based on the child completing the goal.


This will be an exciting event forging Central Park further ahead as a leader in 21st Century education to develop the leaders of the future!


Questions can be directed to cpcodeathon@gmail.com.


- Tesin Dosch

Code-A-Thon Coordinator, Central Park PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

& Central Park Parent


Program or Be Programmed. Learn to code!