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Nutrition Services


Child Nutrition:


This is the main number for Nutrition Services. Callers will be prompted to choose from a selection that best meets their needs. Options include:

1-Meal Applications

2-Student Account Balances




6-Nutrition Services Director

Free and Reduced Lunch Meal Application 2017-18

Students may bring lunch to school ("cold lunch"), or order lunch from the school cafeteria ("hot lunch"). 


Free/Reduced Meal Applications:

Free and Reduced Lunch Meal Application 2017-18

2017-2018 Child Nutrition Services

Biometrics Frequently Asked Questions and Opt-out Letter

Parent to Parent Tip

(Disclaimer this is written by a parent for other parents. It does not represent the views of the Santa Clara Unified School District.)


One of the most common hot topics on any Mom playgroup when school starts is "How do I pack my kid's snack and lunch?"


There is no perfect solution but many different ideas. Here are just some that seem to fly across Mom mailing lists every year.... Many of these ideas are from the A Happy Village group of Silicon Valley.




My child doesn't like any food touching other pieces of food.

- Try a Bento Box. These things have lots of little compartments so you can keep your child's different foods separated without trying to squeeze 4 different tupperware inside a kiddie lunch box.


My child is so hot even with a water bottle.

- Check out the Thermos or other insulated bottles for water. Costco has Contigo usually. The amazing thing is you can fill it with ice in the morning and fill the remaining space with some water. If your child drinks all the cold water, there will still be ice cubes later that they can use to cool down any water they add to the bottle. Sometimes even after 90 degree weather, kids come home with a few ice cubes still unmelted even after a full school day.


How do I keep my child's sandwich cool when it has cheese, egg or mayonnaise in it?

Some lunch bags come with slots on the side where you can slide in little ice packs. Costco has some with built in ice packs too. 


My child's water bottle is leaking all over the backpack. Help!

Of course this depends on the brand and model but the most common problem is with the Thermos Funtainers. The straw and rubber flap in the top only last 6-12 months before you need to replace them. Cheapest I last saw was $4 for a 2 pack at Target.


My child's lunch bag, water bottle, backpack, jacket, etc. are missing.

Be sure to label everything! Kids get distracted and forget there belongings. Use a Sharpie on all their items.


My child's food keeps getting smashed.

Try a plastic box or a hard lunch box.


My child's water bottle keeps growing black mold. Help!

Generally, it is a good idea to toss out the old water and wash the water bottle regularly instead of just adding more water everyday. Of course the frequency is up to you. The other things some moms recommend is rinsing it with a drop of bleach with water to kill the mold. Some moms don't like bleach and prefer other methods. Some say swirl vinegar, tea tree oil or hydrogen peroxide. Mold grows in dark damp places so the other thing you can do is to let the bottle dry out on weekends.


I can't fit my child's water bottle in the lunch box with the lunch and snacks.

Unless the water bottle needs to be cooled by an ice pack in the lunch bag, it is better to store it in the backpack bottle holder or outside pocket. If the water bottle has thermal insulation then you really don't need the insulation from the lunch bag to keep it cool.


My Kindergartner eats everything in the lunch bag at snack time and has no food for lunch.

For kids new to the school routine, it is helpful to distinguish between what is a "snack" for the break time versus what part is for "lunch" at noon. Otherwise little ones may gobble everything up too early.


I forgot my child's lunch!

It is ok. You can go back home and bring it before lunch.


I don't know what to put in my child's lunch! I'm out of ideas!

This thread seems to occur every single month on Mom mailing lists. Unfortunately too many long discussions to post here. There are many Mom blogs you can Google tho for recipe ideas.