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2nd Grade Teachers

Our 2nd Grade Student Teachers

Tide pooling!

Tide pooling!

Field Trips

September 22nd- Magic Garden at 9:25- Mrs. Tang

September 22nd- Magic Garden at 10:40-Miss Winslow

September 29th- Magic Garden at 9:25- Rylan

November 2nd- 49ers Stadium

November 7th- Natural Bridges

January 16th- History San Jose

January 23rd- Hidden Villa

March 20th- Monterey Bay Aquarium

April 2nd- Performance at Montalvo

May 1st- YSI






Fall Carnival PBL

Our PBL Groups

2nd Grade PBL Launch Video

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Book Bags

Practice reading every night from your book bag. It is expected that students read for 20 minutes nightly. They need to be brought back to school every day. Students go book shopping once a week and will be reading with teacher 2-3 times a week in small group or will be conferring with their teacher.  Please take care of books and treat them with respect.


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Raz Kids Reading Program

Have your child go on Raz-Kids at home, where they have access to books at their level.

Optional Math Homework Menus

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2nd Grade News

2nd grade.png

2nd Grade Blog




April 2nd - Field Trip to Montalvo

April 16th-20th - Spring Break

May 1st - Field Trip to the Youth Science Institute @ Alum Rock Park


Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop, we have been doing an author study on Kevin Henkes who has written books like Chrysanthemum and A Weekend with Wendell. In his books, students are learning about problems characters go through and the lessons they learn.

Writer’s Workshop: In Writer’s Workshop, students have been learning the difference between fact and opinion. They have been using graphic organizers to help them organize their reasons for their opinion pieces. Next week, they will write an opinion piece on their favorite Kevin Henkes book and support their opinions with evidence from the book.

Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, students took our third trimester quarterly math test. We are proud of all of their learning. We started Module 10 in math. Students have started to learn how to subtract a two digit number from a three digit number on a number line.


Monterey Bay Aquarium: On Tuesday, we had a whirlwind of a field trip. Even though the bus ride was long, students were excited and so joyful about their time at the aquarium. This field trip was the launch for our next PBL. Students will be learning about the three microhabitats (Sandy Shore, Rocky Shore, and the Kelp Forest) in the Monterey Bay. They will take on the conservationist role and come up with ways to tell the community about preservation of habitats. Check out our photo album on the right! We so appreciate all the 2nd grade parent volunteers! 





March 13th and 14th- Minimum Days- Parent Teacher Conferences

March 15th and 16th- No School

March 20th- Field Trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium


Writer’s Workshop: In Writer’s Workshop, students have been working on their nonfiction published piece. They are busy rewriting their published pieces with table of contents, diagrams, and even glossaries! It will be wonderful to read their final pieces.


Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, students have been adding three digit numbers on the number line. They have been learning how to regroup 10s for hundreds. Adding three digit numbers on a number line is a difficult concept, but our 2nd graders continue to persevere!


Science and Design Challenge: Our students participated in an erosion design challenge. Students sketched out their ideas for erosion prevention. Collaboratively they worked in groups to come up with a final design and eventually built their design. On Friday, we tested their designs. All groups successfully prevented or slowed down erosion. We are so proud of our scientists and engineers.


Green Screens: Our 2nd grade Newscasters wrote their newscasts on a fictional event. They either chose an earthquake or volcanic eruption scenario. With a partner, they created a newscast. We are currently filming their newscasts. As they finish, we will be sharing them with you. Here is Mrs. Tang and Rylan's Green screen!


Clay with Mr. Woodman: Students will be stomping on and sifting through soil using strainers to get the fine parts of clay.  Then they will be using the clay to make bowls/pinch pots. Each class will be meeting with Mr. Woodman for two sessions to complete project. It's a great opportunity for our 2nd graders to work with SCHS teacher.


Report Cards: On Friday, report cards went home. Please sign and  return the report card envelope. The 2nd grade team is very proud of the academic growth of our students!




March 9th- Report Cards Go Home

March 13th and 14th- Minimum Days- Parent Teacher Conferences

March 15th and 16th- No School

March 20th- Field Trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium


Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop, students worked on becoming an expert on a nonfiction text. They chose important parts from the text, noticed keywords and practiced retelling the text. Then, they acted as tour guides of their books by sharing their expertise with their classmates.


Writer’s Workshop: In Writer’s Workshop, students revised and edited their nonfiction pieces. Later in the week, students started to publish their nonfiction pieces. Students have been working really hard to make sure their writing has an interesting and exciting beginning, contains facts about the topic, includes keywords, and has a concluding sentence or section.


Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, students learned about time. They learned to tell time in increments of 5 minutes and learned how to describe time using the phrases “____minutes past____” and “quarter past_____.” Have conversations about telling time with your students and practice with them!

Science: In Science, students have learned about erosion and how it is caused by wind and water. They learned how erosion impacts people and ways that we can prevent erosion. Next week, students will be participating in a design challenge. Their challenge is to create and design a way to prevent erosion from happening. It will be a fun and exciting to see their creativity!




February 19th - 23rd- Winter Break - No School

March 2nd- Minimum Day- Dismissal at 1:37pm.

March 9th- Report Cards Go Home

March 13th and 14th- Minimum Days- Parent Teacher Conferences

March 15th and 16th- No School

March 20th- Field Trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium


Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop, students worked with partners to see how texts on the same non-fiction topic were similar and different. They jotted their noticings on post-its and shared them with the class. Our 2nd graders are loving nonfiction books and love growing their knowledge.

Writer’s Workshop: In Writer’s Workshop, students are focusing on building their stamina as nonfiction writers. They are establishing goals for themselves and working with writing partners to check in on their goals. Through this collaboration, students are improving not only their writing, but also their collaboration skills.

Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, students worked on subtracting two digit numbers from three digit numbers. They represented their thinking through hundreds, tens, and ones cubes. They are learning that they can exchange a hundred for 10 tens and tens for 10 ones. Students are growing in their knowledge of regrouping.

Valentines Day: We had rotations throughout the day.  The 2nd graders had a blast!  We made Chameleon bags, Antonym Love books and a graphing activity of  Conversation Hearts.  All the students said that passing out valentines was their favorite activity of the day.

2nd Grade Leads School Morning Meeting:  Every Monday, different grade levels have been leading school wide Morning Meetings in the cafeteria to help build community and practice the 4 elements of M.M. of Responsive Classroom.  The four components consists of a Greeting, a Share, an Activity and a Message.  Aryaman, Indra and Mishti represented the 2nd grade classes by planning and leading the Morning Message.  Our theme was about Kindness.  They did great!

Gratitude: As we end this week, right before our February Break, our 2nd grade team has reflected on our year up until now. Each and every day we are excited, surprised, and grateful for the students we have in 2nd grade. They teach us as much as we teach them. A big part of our learning as teachers is the knowledge that each student brings. We cannot thank you enough for your continued support. We hope you enjoy your week off!





February 16th - Minimum Day - Dismissal at 1:37 p.m.

February 16th - PTA Presents Our 1st Annual Sweethearts Dance

February 19th - 23rd- Winter Break - No School


Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop, students have been investigating how nonfiction texts on the same topic can have connections between them. They worked in pairs to look at books that were on the same topic, conducted a sneak peek, found areas where the books could be linked, and presented to the class their findings. Students are growing their knowledge about how nonfictions books are presented, written, and organized.


Writer’s Workshop: In Writer’s Workshop, students are continuing to draft their nonfiction pieces. Before writing, students are thinking about who their reader/audience is. This allows them to think deeply about what information their audience might want to learn. Also, they are learning how to write an interesting beginning that “hooks” the reader into reading their book. Our students are so excited about writing.

Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, students are learning about regrouping two digit numbers. They are representing their subtraction equations and numbers using tens and ones cubes. This is allowing them to notice and understand why they have to regroup and it gives them a visual representation of two digit numbers. Also, we revisited two step word problems this week. Students are beginning to feel more comfortable with these types of problems and they are loving the challenges story problems bring.


Garden: Our 2nd graders visited the garden this week. They learned all about potatoes, how they grow, how to start a new potato plant, and why they are important. Students dug in the garden beds to investigate the types of insects living in the garden beds. This was so much fun!

Valentines: You should have received your child’s class list. If your child brings Valentines, please make sure they write one for each student in their class.


Welcome Miss Choi, Miss Cooper, and Miss Russie. Our 2nd grade team is so lucky to have our students teachers joining us.





February 16th- Minimum Day - Dismissal at 1:37 p.m.

February 19th-23rd- Winter Break - No School


Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop, students have been learning how to solve keywords using the context of the sentence and text features. Students are learning the importance of these keywords and how it impacts their understanding of nonfiction text.

Writer’s Workshop: In Writer’s Workshop, students are drafting nonfiction pieces. They are writing about topics they know a lot about. They are also setting goals for themselves as writers. As they continue to write, they are making sure their writing includes the goal they are working on.

Author’s Celebration: We want to extend our sincere gratitude to you for coming and supporting your child at the Author’s Celebration. The students were so proud to share their work as authors. The writing process can be a long one. Our students started their journey in late November and spent the next 6-7 weeks planning, drafting, revising, and publishing. All of this work is to be celebrated. Please look at our website for a slideshow of pictures from the celebration.


Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, students learned about polygons, quadrilaterals and vertices. They also took our Module 7 assessment. This week we start Module 8 and learn about two digit numbers with regrouping!


The 100th Day of School:  We celebrated the 100th day of school this week. Mrs. Tang had students string 100th day necklaces. In Rylan’s rotation, students used an app to age themselves and wrote about what they would like to do when they are 100. In Miss Winslow’s rotation, Mint (our garden docent) and other 2nd grade moms taught the students about popcorn and had students make some using an air popper. Students also got to make fresh lemonade. It was  a fun day!





January 31st- Authors’ Celebration- In the Cafeteria from 8:30-9:00 am

February 2nd- Comedy Sportz Show- Tickets are on sale

February 16th- Minimum Day- Dismissal at 1:37 pm.

February 19th-23rd- Winter Break- No School


Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop students have been learning how to anticipate keywords they will encounter in nonfiction books. They are learning how to talk the talk of nonfiction books and how understanding the lingo of nonfiction books helps them read more fluently. We also have been learning about different text features (Table of Contents, Headings, Diagrams, Bold Print) that are found in these books.


Writer’s Workshop: In Writer’s Workshop, we have started a new writing unit, Becoming Experts. In this unit, students are learning to write nonfiction pieces about topics they already know a lot about. We have been looking at other nonfiction authors to see what they include in their books. Students are saying to themselves, “I can try that!”


Authors Celebration: Our authors have finished their own versions of the Three Little Pigs. Our Authors’ Celebration will be from 8:30-9:00 am in the cafeteria. This will be great time to read your child’s book!


Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, students have continued practicing two digit subtraction on the number line. They are becoming more flexible in their ability to solve subtraction problems on the number line. Students are being asked to show two ways to solve problems on a number line: Counting Back and Counting On.


Hidden Villa: After asking students about their day at Hidden Villa, they said, “It was AMAZING!” Needless to say, we had a wonderful time!


Kindness Challenge: The whole school has been working together on a variety of kindness activities in class and during lunch recess.  They have compiled a wall full of kind acts, created a kindness chain, written notes/cards and designed a kindness hat to display during our our school wide parade.  Filling buckets everyday has been our motto!





January 23rd- Hidden Villa Farm

January 31st- Author’s Celebration in Our Classrooms


Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop students have been growing their brains in their nonfiction reading skills. Students have been learning to look at a nonfiction text by paying attention to details and putting them all together in their minds to come up with noticings and questions.


Writer’s Workshop and Authors Celebration: Our authors have finished their own versions of the Three Little Pigs. We are SO proud of our writers and their tremendous work. Come celebrate with us and read your child’s book at our Authors Celebration on Wednesday, January 31st from 8:30 - 9:00 a.m. in your child’s classroom.


Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, students have been learning how to subtract two digit numbers on a number line. This has been challenging for our 2nd graders. We have taught them how to use a pre-numbered number line and an open number line. They are also becoming more flexible with subtracting on a hundreds chart.


Hidden Villa: On Tuesday, January 23rd, we will be going to Hidden Villa rain or shine. It is very important that students bring their lunch and a bottle of water in their backpacks. Students will be carrying their backpack while on the field trip.


P.E: Ms. Vicki and Ms. Sharon are encouraging students to bring reusable water bottles every Thursday for P.E. If students don’t bring a water bottle, they can get water from the drinking fountain.


The Great Kindness Challenge: Our school is participating in the Great Kindness Challenge. We wrote a kindness song and had our kids sing it. Check out the video!





January 15th- No School

January 16th- History San Jose

January 23rd- Hidden Villa Farm


Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop we have started a new unit on Non-Fiction. This week we modeled how to read non-fiction books by taking a sneak peek (previewing the book by looking at the cover, back blurb, and first few pages) and stopping and making predictions about what is being read. We modeled this using the book Knights in Shining Armour by Gail Gibbons. This was a very high interest book for students and they engaged in meaningful conversations about the text.

Writer’s Workshop: Students continued drafting their versions of The Three Little Pigs! Our goal is for them to finish their published work in the coming week. Students been showing their writing stamina and perseverance. Then, we will celebrate all of their hard work!

Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, students took their second district assessment. This assessment tested students on their knowledge of the last three math modules.  If you would like to look at your child’s score, feel free to contact their teacher.  We started our new math module, which focuses on subtraction and using number lines to subtract two digit numbers. This can be a very challenging skill for students.

Hidden Villa: On Wednesday, some docents and interns from Hidden Villa Farm came to talk to students about the farm. They talked with all classes about what they will see and do on the field trip on January 23rd. Our visitors also had students break out into groups to teach them about different animals and plants they will see on the farm. Students are very excited for this field trips!

P.E: Ms Vicki and Ms. Sharon are encouraging students to bring reusable water bottles every Thursday for P.E. If students don’t bring a water bottle, they can get water from the drinking fountain.


Rotations: This week students visited each 2nd grade teacher in a rotation. Miss Winslow prepared the students for the field trip to History San Jose by teaching about what school and home life was like for children in 1890.  Rylan taught students about Science Notebooking. Students created a Science Notebook, which included a table of contents. Our training from Monterey Bay Aquarium has taught us about the importance of having students write down their scientific thinking and observations in a notebook. Mrs. Tang taught students how to think deeply about non-fiction books. Students had collaborative conversations in addition to acting out a book.




January 9th- School resumes

January 16th- History San Jose Field Trip

January 23rd- Hidden Villa


We hope that you have a restful and wonderful holiday season. Thank you for continually supporting your children and their education. 




December 21st- Early Dismissal @1:37pm.

December 22nd-January 9th- Winter Break


Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop, we have been reading different fairytales and learning what fairytales are all about. This week students learned about good and evil characters and how fairytales have an element of magic! Students are loving reading different fairytales!

Writer’s Workshop: Students continued drafting their versions of The Three Little Pigs! In the middle of the week, students started to read over their drafts, talk with peers about their writing, revise their drafts, and edit them. Students are learning about all parts of the writing process and how authors go through the process to make their writing stronger.


Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, students are practicing using multiple strategies to solve two digit numbers. They are thinking about what strategies help them efficiently solve their math problems. This week they were introduced to estimation and how estimation can help them with their mathematical reasoning.


Science: In Science, students have continued to learn about reversible and irreversible changes. We did a two day art project that used glue, which was a liquid but after drying changed to a solid. Students used glue to create a border on their paper, which looks very much like stained glass. The next day students used saturated water color paint to create vibrant colors in each of their spaces they created with glue. Students loved the connections we made between Science and Art.







December 21st- Early Dismissal @1:37pm.

December 22nd-January 9th- Winter Break


Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop, we have continued to read different versions of The Three Little PIgs and we have started to read different fairytales. Students are learning all about fairytales and what features fairytales have.


Writer’s Workshop: Students have been drafting their versions of The Three Little Pigs! Their creativity is flowing. Students have been using such imagination in their versions. Their eagerness to write and their stamina for writing is increasing by the day. They are excited to share their stories with their peers.


Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, students have started a new math module. In this math module, students are learning strategies to solve two digit addition problems. They are learning to decompose, consolidate tens and ones, and use doubles to solve two digit addition problems.


Coding: Our Code-A-Thon was filled with lots of positive excitement and learning power. Students used Code.org and Kodable to code. They were great problem solvers and were enthusiastic about all of the coding challenges that were presented to them. Our entire 2nd grade coded over 3,000 lines of code. Way to go!



Science: In Science, we talked about different types of matter and how all matter has different observable properties or words to describe the matter. We presented students with a draw and label that taught them about a few different types of matter, some of which have reversible and irreversible changes. For instance, water can change from ice to water and back again, thus having a reversible change.  Also, we talked about cotton and how cotton is used to make clothing and other products. Once the cotton is made into those items, the change is irreversible. Students also sorted matter based on observable properties. Some students sorted material based on being flexible or rigid. Other sorted their material on whether or not they could float. Science is alive in our classrooms!


Rotations: Students are in their third round of rotations. Miss Winslow is continuing her work with quadrats and students are learning to look deeper and closer at objects in nature. Mrs. Tang is teaching students about art through literature. She is doing a lesson that is based of the children’s book The Dot. Mr. Woodman, a Santa Clara ceramics teacher, has been joining Mrs. Tang’s rotation and glazing clay leaves that students made earlier in the year.  Rylan has been teaching students about watercolor and the classes have been drawing and painting snowmen. It is wonderful for us to get to know each and everyone of the 2nd graders.






December 22nd-January 9th- Winter Break


Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop, we have been reading different versions of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. One of our reading standards is to compare different versions of the same story. Students have been learning how to identify the setting, main characters, the villain, and resolutions in these stories.


Writer’s Workshop: We have been learning how to write a friendly letter and identifying the important parts that each letter needs to have. Next week, students will begin writing their own version of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf.

Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, students have continued their work with number lines. They have been learning how to use an open numbers line and learning to plot their own numbers. Students have also been working on their subtraction facts and using doubles and count on strategies to solve these problems.

Ancestry: In Social Studies, students have been sharing about their family histories. It has been wonderful to hear about their families through the interviews they conducted. Students are able to identify how their lives are different from others in their families.


Science: In Science, we have started our first unit about Matter. We taught students how scientists are observers and how they use their five senses to help them make better observations. We also talked about what students knew about matter and what they wanted to learn. Through their inquiry, they will gain a deeper understanding of the matter around us.





November 21st- Report Cards Go Home and Minimum Day - Dismissal at 1:37pm

November 22nd, 23rd, and 24th- No School - Thanksgiving


Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop, we have finished assessing students. We are very impressed with students’ reading growth this trimester. As a grade level, we will be making new reading groups and book clubs! We have started a literature study around ancestry and names. Students are learning that names carry important meaning to their identity, culture, and the greater world!


Writer’s Workshop: As we have been learning about the meanings behind our names, students have been writing a poem about themselves. They are reflecting on their own lives and including things about themselves in a poem.


Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, students have been learning about numbers line and how to add two digit numbers on them. They are learning the importance of labeling their number lines and how place value plays an important part in how to use and jump on the number line.


Ancestry: In Social Studies, we have been learning about the importance of our ancestors and the impact they have on our lives. Through read alouds and sharing our lives with students, they are realizing that we each have unique ancestors and stories of our family history. Throughout the week students presented their name projects to the class. It was amazing to hear stories of how students got their names and the special meanings their names carry.


Garden: Our classes went to the garden on Tuesday. Students were able to harvest seeds from a daikon plant as well as plant new seeds in our garden beds. Also, they learned about the different parts of the plant and how each part of the plant plays an important role.


Gratitude: As the Thanksgiving Holiday nears and this will be our last blog posting until we return from Thanksgiving, we just want to give our heartfelt thanks to our 2nd grade families. It has been a wonderful start to the year and we appreciate all of you so very much. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!







November 7th - Natural Bridges

November 10th- No School- Veteran’s Day

November 21st- Report Cards Go Home and Minimum Day- Dismissal at 1:37pm

November 22nd, 23rd, and 24th- No School- Thanksgiving


Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop, we have been busy assessing students’ reading levels. We are amazed and so happy with students’ reading growth. Thank you for supporting your child in their reading and keep up the great work!

Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, students learned about measurement. We learned about inches and measured using a ruler. They also looked at different lengths of objects, compared their lengths, and determined differences in lengths.

PBL (Project Based Learning): Through all of their hard work, students created carnival booths that inspired the 1st graders. The first graders were so happy and thrilled to be at the carnival. Students felt successful after they were able to discuss the challenges from their trial run last week.  It was a huge hit!


Google AR (Augmented Reality): Mr. Garcia worked with Google Education and brought out a google specialist to teach our kids about augmented reality. Students used devices in the makerspace to learn about the ocean floor.  The app isn’t available to the public, so students were able to give feedback.


Halloween: Students celebrated Halloween as a school during our Halloween Parade. The grade level rotated through different activities. Miss Winslow taught skeleton math, Rylan played Halloween Bingo, and Mrs. Tang had kids create witches hands.

49ers Stadium: Our field trip was so much fun! Students rotated through 4 different stations. They used their STEAM background knowledge and learned how the stadium was engineered. They also learned how scientists have created better equipment and gear for football players to keep safe while playing football!

2nd Grade Rotations: This week we started our second round of rotations. Over the next three weeks students will rotate through all of the 2nd grade teachers. Miss Winslow is teaching scientific observations using quadrats. Students will observe changes over time. Rylan is creating a fall art piece using tempera paint. Mrs. Tang is having students do a STEAM challenge with students focusing on teamwork!




October 23rd and 24th - No School

October 27th- Fall Festival @5pm-7pm

October 31 - Parade @ 8:45am

November 2nd -49er Field Trip

November 7th - Natural Bridges

November 10th- No School


Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop, students have been working on using more than one strategy while reading, whether that be solving tricky words or retelling the story. We have focused on remembering the story and not forgetting as you read. Readers keep track of their reading!


Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, students have taken their first district assessment and the end of module 3 assessment. Students were tested on number lines, making tens, reading and writing three digit numbers. As we move into our next module, students will focus on subtraction strategies.


PBL (Project Based Learning): Students are refining and revising their attractions. This week, they collaborated as a grade level (76 students) in Miss Winslow’s room.  They decided where they wanted their attractions to be located on the playground. We were so proud that all 21 groups were able to compromise and present to the group why their attractions had to located in a specific space.  Also, students started working on their posters and learning how advertising could increase how many people come to their carnival booth.


Grammar: We have been having fun with grammar. This week students learned about homophones. Students are so excited to learn about homophones. They are coming up with so many different word pairs. Through matching games, students are able to identify different homophone pairs and their meanings. The focus was the difference between: two, too, and to.


Diwali: Some wonderful parents came in this week to teach our students about Diwali. Students learned about the holiday and its importance. They also made a craft. It was a wonderful experience.








October 23rd and 24th - No School

October 31 - Parade

November 2nd -49er Field Trip

November 7th - Natural Bridges


Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop, students have been learning about how to continue to build reading stamina as they get into longer more complicated books. Students have also been learning that all readers have different goals. As we change our reading goals and build our stamina, our reading power increases.


Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, we have focused on building our math fluency. Students have been learning to become more flexible with strategies to solve math equations. Not only do they have to solve equations, but they have to reason their thinking with what strategies they are using, like doubles, count-on or making ten.


PBL (Project Based Learning): Our PBL is off to an AMAZING start. Ideas and creativity are flowing in the classroom. Students have been diligently working with their teams to come up with what their booth will look like and how it will run. They have been learning that working in a group is not easy, but takes a lot of discussion and compromise.


Art: Fall is in the air! Students drew leaves and painted them beautifully with watercolor. Check out the pictures!


2nd Grade Rotations: Our 2nd grade team wants to foster and build relationships with all of our 2nd graders. This week, we started rotations with our students. Each Friday, students will rotate with their class to a different 2nd grade teacher. Mrs. Tang, with the help of Mr. Woodman (a Santa Clara High School Art teacher), is teaching the kids ceramics. Miss Winslow is conducting scientific observation using quadrats. Quadrats allow students observe a specific area and make observations of what they notice and observe over time. Rylan is teaching different technology apps, which students will be using this year!







Happy October!


October 23rd and 24th- No School


Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop, students continued to learn the importance of why authors write books and why they make books the way they do. This week’s focus was about learning the lessons in books. Students learned that after they finish reading a book, they need to stop, think, and say, “What lesson does the author want me to teach me?”


Writer’s Workshop: Our 2nd graders have finished their first published piece of writing this year. Their writing is amazing and watching them go through the writing process (drafting, revising, editing and publishing) was wonderful.

Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, we focused on number lines and looking at number lines that go up to 1,000. Students had to really think about how the number lines were broken up. We also looked at three digit numbers and compared them using greater than, less than, and equal to.


PBL (Project Based Learning): We introduced our PBL with a launch video. Check it out below! The excitement in our students has been contagious. They are so excited to create, design, and build their carnival booth.  They even continue their discussions during recess with each other.  Our driving question for this PBL is: How can we, as a community, create a carnival attraction to help foster positive relationships?


Garden Education: Our Garden Docents and Helpers led us in an exploration of soil. Students learned about the different layers of soil (sand, silt and clay), what soil provides for plants and the opportunity to find various insects that can be helpful or harmful to our garden.


Art: We are starting the month off with some spooky and creative Frankensteins based on artwork done by Pablo Picasso.



October 23rd and 24th- No School


Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop, students are learning that when authors write books they do it with intention. As authors come up with story ideas, they think about how they want the reader to react to the story. Authors are readers and writers and everything they do has a purpose. Students realized this week they need to pay attention and think about these questions: How and why is the book powerful? What lesson is the reader suppose to learn? How did the author make the book click together?


Writer’s Workshop: Writers chose a narrative to take through the publishing process. Collaboratively, students worked together and as a class to revise their pieces. They learned that through revision we can add and delete parts to our stories. Then, they edited their papers for punctuation and spelling. Finally, students began publishing their final pieces.


Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, we spent solidifying addition strategies. Students took their Module 2 assessment and began a new module. In our new module, students will be focusing on place value to the hundreds including writing numbers in expanded form and identifying 3 digit numbers on a numberline.


Social Studies: In Social Studies, students explored grid maps and learned how grid maps are used. Also, students created their own treasure map, which included: a map legend, a scale, a title, and a compass rose!


Magic Garden Field Trip: Rylan’s class had an AWESOME time at the Magic Garden. Check out the pictures!


Gratitude: First and foremost, thank you for supporting your children in their education. The 2nd Grade teachers appreciate getting to know each and everyone of you better and learning more about your children. Your support is greatly appreciated.









September 25-28th- Conference Week- Early Dismissal every day at 1:37pm

October 23rd and 24th- No School


Reader’s Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop, students have learned strategies to help themselves solve tricky words in their reading. We spent a lot of time this week talking about ways students can help themselves when they get into longer chapter books. In chapter books, readers can read many words in a “snap” but often times don’t know what words mean. As readers, we need to STOP when we don’t know what a word MEANS.


Writer’s Workshop: This week we spent time drafting our narratives. Students are beginning to learn that their lives are filled with stories. We also talked about spelling strategies they can use when they get stuck on how to spell a word. Next week, students will pick a piece of writing that they would like to take through the publishing process.


Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, we reviewed time concepts that were taught last year such as telling time to the hour and half hour. We introduced math vocabulary like half past. Students made connections between telling time on analog and digital clock.  We also started reviewing doubles addition strategies to help with adding more fluently.  



Social Studies: In Social Studies, we had a draw and label on the continent of North America. Students were amazed to learn that North America has 23 countries in it. They learned about the major rivers, lakes, and mountain ranges in the United States.


Garden Education: Our 2nd graders have been loving the garden.  This week we went into the garden for the 2nd time. Students explored different kinds of seeds from sunflowers, radishes, tomatoes, and many more. They were able to eat bell peppers freshly picked from our garden! It was awesome!


Magic Garden Field Trip: Mrs. Tang and Miss Winslow’s class went to the Magic Garden today and had a chameleontastic time. Rylan's class will go next Friday. Check out the pictures!









September 22nd- Magic Garden at 9:25 - Mrs. Tang

September 22nd- Magic Garden at 10:40 - Miss Winslow

September 29th- Magic Garden at 9:25 - Rylan

September 25th-29th- Parent Teacher Conferences


Reader's Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop, students learned the power and importance of retelling. They learned how to retell a story across their fingers and how to jot down important events in a book on sticky notes. We ended our week in reading with a new focus: when words get tricky, readers roll up their sleeves and get to work. Students are learning that there are many ways they can help themselves to solve tricky words like checking the picture and using what’s happening in the story to solve new or unknown words.


Writer's Workshop: In Writer's Workshop, we worked on the art of “showing not telling.” Second graders are really good at telling what they did, but sometimes don’t focus on the details. We worked with them this week on showing, through description, what is happening in their stories, rather than just “telling” the reader. This can be a difficult skill, but they are persevering and are taking risks in their writing.


Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, we investigated number lines. Students identified numbers on a number line, used approximation to place numbers on the number line, and compared two numbers in relation to the number line. This week we laid the foundations for our work this year in using number lines.


Social Studies: In 2nd grade, students learn all about maps. They take their knowledge of maps from 1st grade and extend it into 2nd grade. This week’s focus was on observing various types of maps, especially grid maps. Students learned a “catchy” song about grid maps. Ask your child to sing it to you!




The Magic Garden Field Trip is around the corner. We still need a few more chaperones!


September 22nd- Magic Garden at 9:25- Mrs. Tang

September 22nd- Magic Garden at 10:40-Miss Winslow

September 29th- Magic Garden at 9:25- Rylan

September 25th-29th- Parent Teacher Conferences


Reader's Workshop: Readers are growing and becoming stronger readers. In Reader’s Workshop, students are learning that scientists have studied children’s brains and that by reading more and for longer periods of time, our brains get stronger. As we build our reading stamina, we set goals for ourselves as individual readers and as a class about how long we think we can read for.


Writer's Workshop: In Writer's Workshop, we drafted stories about our lives. We utilized our topic list to help us in writing a story and adding more details. On Thursday, we went for a walk to find something out in nature. We took our object and looked at it closely. As we looked at it, we realized how we can use descriptive words to describe and how this empowers our writing.


Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, we worked on the count-on addition strategy and how to efficiently solve addition problems. Also, we practiced our turn-around facts. Both of these strategies are solidifying how to solve addition problems and build our number sense. As we ended our week, students took their first math module assessment.


Growth Mindset: This week students learned about the power of YET! Students learned that as learners we often come across difficult tasks. In these challenges, we make mistakes and sometimes get frustrated. Instead of saying, “I can’t do it!”, try “I can’t do it YET!” This will give them the opportunity to try the task again with a growth mindset.  Students discovered that through perseverance and determination our challenges become easier and thus, our neurons make stronger connections.


Art and Georgia O’Keefe: Art is everywhere! This week we studied perspective. Students learned that Georgia O’Keefe often looked at objects closely and painted them closeup. We observed sunflowers, sketched them, and used water colors to bring them to life.


Garden Visit: Mint, a 2nd grade parent and Garden Coordinator, led our 2nd graders in an exploration of our garden. Students picked buckwheat seeds. In groups of 4, they took their seeds and created a greenhouse out of a paper towel and ziplock bag. Through the next few days, students will observe the germination process.




-Conferences are around the corner! Be on the lookout for information about scheduling conferences!

-No School on Monday in observance of Labor Day!


Reader's Workshop: Books! Books! Books! These 2nd graders have a LOVE of reading. They can't get enough. This week, we focused on choosing just right books using the 5 Finger Rule. Ask your children about it! Partner reading got off to a great start. Students are working on forming collaborative partnerships with their reading buddies.


Writer's Workshop: In Writer's Workshop, we read mentor texts like Not Norman and The Relatives Came. We used these anchor texts to make connections with our own lives and stories we can share. Through discussion, students thought and reflected about stories that have happened in their lives and created a story topic list.


Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, we continued looking at three digit numbers and how we can build, write, and expand them. Also, we read and analyzed addition story problems.

Growth Mindset and Brain Day: Brains! Students are fascinated by the brain. This week, we studied the main parts of the brain and their functions. We talked about how challenges and things that are hard shape our brains. Neurons grow and become stronger by being challenged. This was the perfect time to learn about the brain since we had Brain Day. Students got to hold a real brain! How cool is that?




Back to School Night- Tuesday, August 29th- 6:00-6:30pm. 2nd Grade Teachers will be presenting together in the Cafeteria!


Readers Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop, students are learning the routines of checking out books in our librarians. They are learning to be responsible with books and the value of taking care of them. Ms. Tang created a rockin chameleon bookmark for students. As students start to read longer texts, they need bookmarks to save their spots.

Writers Workshop: Writing is coming alive in our classrooms. After reading Miss Nelson is Missing, students drew a part of the story that was their favorite. Collaboratively, students worked together to retell the story. We continued our collaboration by creating our own version of Miss Nelson is Missing. Students learned that all stories have parts and each part is important to make a story whole.

Math Workshop: In Math Workshop, students explored place value in the 10s and 100s. They are learning that they can trade 10 tens to make 1 hundred. We also explored odd and even numbers. Students are learning to look at a given number and decide whether or not it is odd of even.


Hopes and Dreams: Our 2nd graders thought about their hopes and dreams for the year. Through a discussion of their hopes and dreams, we talked about how we could achieve them. Together we created a set of rules, which will allow us to reach our goals. 


We are so excited for this coming year. Our students are amazing! 



We had a fantastic first day in 2nd grade. Students were smiling and teachers were happy! As we started our day, we introduced Morning Meeting. Morning Meetings give students and teachers an opportunity to greet each other, share, participate in an activity, and read a morning message, which sets the purpose for the day. We meet in a circle to promote inclusivity! Students were eager, excited and respectful in their participation. We also worked on "Turn and Talks" and how we share with a partner! Thank you so much for supporting your child's learning. 




Happy Summer! We hope that you are all enjoying your summer. Last week, we participated in some awesome training in Monterey Bay. In our training, we learned about the ocean habitat, science inquiry, and how the aquarium helps animals. We are so excited to share our learning with our students. Enjoy your last few days of summer and we look forward to starting the new school year!



Monterey Bay Aquarium

The 100th Day of School and Rotations

Authors Celebration

Kindness Song

This text will be replaced

Chameleon Rules


1.  Take care of yourself

2.  Treat others nicely

3.  Treat our environment nicely

4.  Everyone gets to play and learn

Words for the Week of March 5-9th

* also

* around

* look

* right

* think


Previous Words of the Week


* we

* your

* there

* can 

* an

* which

* their

* said

* if 

* do

* will

* each

* about

* how

* up

* out

* them

* then

* she

* many

* some

* would

* these

* so

* other

* into

* has

* more

* her

* two

* like

* him

* see

* time

* could

* been

* first

* make

* no

* than

* its

* my

* now

* people

* who

* did

* down

* made

* only

* over

* may

* find

* use

* water

* way


* little

* long

* very

* words

* called

* just

* know

* most

* where

* back

* get

* go

* much

* through

* good

* me

* now

* our

* write

* man

* too

* day

* any

* same


Second grade students go to the library every Friday. Please make sure your child brings their library book with them to school on Fridays so that they may check out a new book.


PE with Ms. Vicki and Ms. Sharon

Every Thursday, 2nd graders will be going to PE.  Wear comfortable shoes and clothes for some fun activities.